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title:16.3 An agricultural key from crop rotation

1. Need for concrete examples: crop rotation

The difficulty in exploring patterns of alternation is the seeming lack of concrete (as opposed to abstract) examples by which the credibility of such patterns in practice may become apparent. The rotation of agricultural crops is therefore and interesting "earthy" practice to explore in the light of the mind-set which it has required of farmers for several thousand years.


title:16.1 Cycles of dissonance and resonance

1. Dissonant harmony and holistic resonance

As Attali has shown (1977), music remains one of the clearest domains in terms of which the thinking underlying any social order can be discussed. It provides a more concretely accessible language with which to comprehend the subtleties and distinctions reviewed in the previous entries. Thus the composer Dane Rudhyar, in a study of spatialization of tone experience, confronts the basic duality of those entries:


title:15.2 Wholeness and the implicate order

1. Illusion of fragmentation

As a theoretical physicist, David Bohm is concerned with the illusory nature of fragmentation (1971, 1976) and the manner in which distinct fragments emerge from wholeness in movement (1980). He sees the perceptual problems with which he deals as being as relevant to a more healthy response to psychosocial fragmentation as to the problems of fundamental physics. The value of Bohm's perspective for understanding healthy individual development has in fact been recently stressed by a physician Larry Dossey (Note 15.3).



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