Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 15: Sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss

Life on Land

Forests cover 30.7 per cent of the Earth’s surface and, in addition to providing food security and shelter, they are key to combating climate change, protecting biodiversity and the homes of the indigenous population. By protecting forests, we will also be able to strengthen natural resource management and increase land productivity.

At the current time, thirteen million hectares of forests are being lost every year while the persistent degradation of drylands has led to the desertification of 3.6 billion hectares. Even though up to 15% of land is currently under protection, biodiversity is still at risk. Deforestation and desertification – caused by human activities and climate change – pose major challenges to sustainable development and have affected the lives and livelihoods of millions of people in the fight against poverty.

Efforts are being made to manage forests and combat desertification. There are two international agreements being implemented currently that promote the use of resources in an equitable way. Financial investments in support of biodiversity are also being provided.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II Type III

Center for Human Rights and Environment

1999 Palm Beach Gardens FL USA G Human Rights Organizations

Center for International Environmental Law

CIEL 1989 Washington DC USA G

Center for International Forestry Research

CIFOR 1993 Bogor Indonesia E

Center for Rural Empowerment and the Environment

CREE 2007 J

Center for Women, the Earth, the Divine

City Island NY USA G

Central Africa Protected Areas Network

2000 Libreville Gabon D

Central African Forests Commission

2000 Yaoundé Cameroon F g IGOs

Central American Association for Economy, Health and Environment

1991 Zapote Costa Rica G

Central American Commission on Environment and Development

1989 La Libertad El Salvador E g IGOs

Central American, Caribbean and Mexican Association of Laboratory Animals

1992 D

Central and Southeast Europe LCA Network

CASE-LCA 2011 Novi Sad Serbia F

Central European Initiative

CEI 1989 Trieste Italy F g Human Rights Organizations, IGOs

Centre africain de protection environnementale et pour l'assistance

Afrique environnementale Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire G

Centre d'actions et de réalisations internationales

CARI 1998 Viols-le-Fort France G

Centre de documentation Tiers-Monde, Montpellier

CDTM 1978 Montpellier France G Human Rights Organizations

Centre européen d'études des polyphosphates

CEEP 1971 Brussels Belgium E

Centre européen de recherche et d'enseignement des géosciences de l'environnement


Centre for African Settlement Studies and Development

CASSAD 1990 Ibadan Nigeria G

Centre for African Wetlands

CAW 1997 Accra Ghana E

Centre for Alpine Ecology

1992 Viote del Monte Bondone Italy G

Centre for Biological Information Technology

Brisbane Australia N

Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Studies

CCCES Abuja Nigeria G

Centre for Development and Environment, Bern

CDE 1988 Bern Switzerland G

Centre for Development and the Environment, Oslo

1990 Oslo Norway G

Centre for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe

CEDARE 1992 Cairo Egypt E g IGOs

Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development

ECO-Accord Centre 1992 Moscow Russia G

Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy in Africa

CEEPA Pretoria South Africa G

Centre for Global Environmental Research, Ibaraki

CGER 1991 Ibaraki Japan G

Centre for International Climate and Environmental Research, Oslo

CICERO 1990 Oslo Norway G

Centre for International Sustainable Development Law

CISDL Montréal QC Canada G

Centre for International Trade, Economics and Environment

CITEE 1996 Jaipur India G

Centre for Research, Environmental Sustainability and Advancement of Mountain Viticulture

1987 Aymavilles Italy E

Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment

CSERGE 1991 Norwich UK G j

Centre for the Study of Superdiversity

Babylon Tilburg Netherlands G

Centre for Tourism in Islands and Coastal Areas


Centre for Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture and Forestry

Göttingen Germany G

Centre for World Food Studies

1977 Amsterdam Netherlands N

Centre international de recherche-développement sur l'élevage en zone subhumide

CIRDES 1972 Bobo Dioulasso Burkina Faso E

Centre régional pour l'environnement de l'Asia centrale

1998 Almaty Kazakhstan G

Centres régionaux d'enseignement spécialisé en agriculture

CRESA Dschang Cameroon E

Centro de Ecologia y Pueblos Andinos

CEPA 1995 Oruro Bolivia G

Centro Internacional de Restauración Neurológica

CIREN 1989 Havana Cuba N

Centro Neotropical de Entrenamiento en Humedales

CNEH 1996 G

Centro Universitario Internacional Europa Latinoamérica de Investigación y Formación en Ciencias Ambientales, Chile

EULA Concepción Chile N

Cetacean Freedom Network


Cetacean Society International

CSI 1974 Georgetown CT USA G v

Change For Animals Foundation

CFAF 2012 Abinger Hammer UK G f Foundations

Charles Darwin Foundation for the Galapagos Isles

CDF 1959 Galapagos Ecuador F f Foundations

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society

CRM Society 1973 Glasgow UK E v

Chart and Nautical Instrument Trade Association

CNITA 1918 London UK G