Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Responsible Consumption & Production

Goal 12 is about ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns, which is key to sustain the livelihoods of current and future generations.

Our planet is running out of resources, but populations are continuing to grow. If the global population reaches 9.8 billion by 2050, the equivalent of almost three planets will be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles.

We need to change our consumption habits, and shifting our energy supplies to more sustainable ones are one of the main changes we must make if we are going to reduce our consumption levels. However, global crises triggered a resurgence in fossil fuel subsidies, nearly doubling from 2020 to 2021.

We are seeing promising changes in industries, including the trend towards sustainability reporting being on the rise, almost tripling the amount of published sustainability over just a few years, showing increased levels of commitment and awareness that sustainability should be at the core of business practices.

Food waste is another sign of over consumption, and tackling food loss is urgent and requires dedicated policies, informed by data, as well as investments in technologies, infrastructure, education and monitoring. A staggering 931 million tons of food is wasted a year, despite a huge number of the global population going hungry.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

International Association of Independent Corporate Monitors

IAICM 2015 Fredericksburg VA USA G

International Association of Independent Law Firms

Interlaw Los Angeles CA USA C

International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions

IAIABC 1914 Middleton WI USA G t

International Association of Jesuit Business Schools


International Association of Lighting Management Companies

NALMCO 1953 Ankeny IA USA G

International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting

IAMPETH 1950 Webster NY USA N

International Association of Oil and Gas Producers

IOGP 1974 London UK C t

International Association of Outsourcing Professionals

IAOP 2005 Poughkeepsie NY USA D t

International Association of Penturners

IAP Westlake OH USA N

International Association of Printing House Craftsmen

IAPHC 1919 Maple Grove MN USA G

International Association of Research Organizations for the Information, Media and Graphic Arts Industries

IARIGAI 1965 Zagreb Croatia D yt

International Association of Skateboard Companies

IASC 1995 Rancho Santa Margarita CA USA N

International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences

IAAS 1957 Leuven Belgium C

International Association of Tax Judges

IATJ Ottawa ON Canada C

International Association of Textile and Light Industry Workers' Unions

Moscow Russia D t

International Association of Tool Craftsmen

IATC 1953 Racine WI USA N

International Association of Trade Unions of Workers in Scientific Research and Production Cooperatives and Enterprises

Moscow Russia D t

International Association of Users and Developers of Electronic Libraries and New Information Technologies

ELNIT Association 1996 Moscow Russia D

International Association of Water Service Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area

IAWD 1993 Vienna Austria D

International Au Pair Association

IAPA 1994 Munich Germany E t

International Avaya Users Group

IAUG 2010 Chicago IL USA G

International B Conference Steering Committee

1997 Nantes France E v

International Bee Research Association

IBRA 1949 Monmouth UK B

International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association

IBDEA 1970 Dallas TX USA N

International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association

IBMA 1995 Brussels Belgium D t

International Biometrics + Identity Association

IBIA 1998 Washington DC USA N t

International Bird and Research Centre

IBRCE 1984 Eilat Israel N

International Black Sea Club

IBSC 1992 Varna Bulgaria F

International Blaise Users Group

IBUG 1992 Ann Arbor MI USA E c

International Book Information Service

IBIS St Albans UK G

International Bowling Pro Shop and Instructors Association


International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Shipbuilders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers

1893 Kansas City KS USA G

International Bunker Industry Association

IBIA 1992 London UK C t

International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation

IBFD 1938 Amsterdam Netherlands C

International Business Alliance

Tbilisi Georgia N

International Business and Economic Development Center

IBEDC 2010 Tbilisi Georgia G

International Business and Management Education Centre

IBMEC Singapore Singapore G

International Business Aviation Council

IBAC 1981 Montréal QC Canada C y

International Business Brokers Association

IBBA 1982 Independence OH USA N

International Business Congress

IBC 1997 Berlin Germany F

International Business Ethics Institute

IBEI 1994 Washington DC USA N j

International Business Information Management Association


International Business Law Consortium

IBLC 1996 Salzburg Austria F

International Businesses Standards Organization

IBSO Jerusalem Israel G

International Campaign for Responsible Technology

I-CRT 2002 San Jose CA USA G

International Card Manufacturers Association

ICMA 1990 Princeton Junction NJ USA G

International Catholic Stewardship Council

ICSC 1962 Dearborn Heights MI USA G

International Center for Banking and Corporate Governance

ICBCG 2010 Sumy Ukraine E v

International Centre for Conservation of Architectural Heritage

ICCARHE Ferrara Italy N

International Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

ICCSR 2002 Nottingham UK N