Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4: Quality Education

Quality Education

Progress towards quality education was already slower than required before the pandemic, but COVID-19 has had devastating impacts on education, causing learning losses in four out of five of the 104 countries studied.

Without additional measures, an estimated 84 million children and young people will stay out of school by 2030 and approximately 300 million students will lack the basic numeracy and literacy skills necessary for success in life.

In addition to free primary and secondary schooling for all boys and girls by 2030, the aim is to provide equal access to affordable vocational training, eliminate gender and wealth disparities, and achieve universal access to quality higher education.

Education is the key that will allow many other Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved. When people are able to get quality education they can break from the cycle of poverty.

Education helps to reduce inequalities and to reach gender equality. It also empowers people everywhere to live more healthy and sustainable lives. Education is also crucial to fostering tolerance between people and contributes to more peaceful societies.

To deliver on Goal 4, education financing must become a national investment priority. Furthermore, measures such as making education free and compulsory, increasing the number of teachers, improving basic school infrastructure and embracing digital transformation are essential.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Asia-Pacific Research Institute

APRIM 1992 Sydney NSW Australia G j

Asia-Pacific Research Institute, Beijing

2002 Beijing China N j

Asia-Pacific Research Network

APRN 1998 Quezon City Philippines F y

Asia-Pacific School of Logistics

Incheon Korea Rep G

Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association

APSIPA 2009 Kowloon Hong Kong D

Asia-Pacific Society for Adult Congenital Heart Disease


Asia-Pacific Society for Alcohol and Addiction Research

APSAAR Yokosuka Japan D

Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education

APSCE 2004 Chung Li Taiwan D

Asia-Pacific Society for Ethnomusicology

APSE Fujian China D

Asia-Pacific Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infection

APSCMI 1986 Singapore Singapore D

Asia-Pacific Spa and Wellness Coalition

APSWC 2006 Singapore Singapore D

Asia-Pacific Student Accommodation Association

APSAA Melbourne VIC Australia D

Asia-Pacific University - Community Engagement Network

APUCEN 2011 Penang Malaysia F

Asia-Pacific Youth Organisation

APYO 2010 Melbourne VIC Australia G

Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO

ACCU 1971 Tokyo Japan E

Asian Academic Accounting Association

FourA 1998 Sintok Malaysia D

Asian Academic Society for Vocational Education and Training

AASVET Douliou Taiwan J

Asian Academy for Heritage Management

AAHM 2001 Bangkok Thailand E y

Asian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry

1990 Seoul Korea Rep D v

Asian Academy of Dermatology and Venereology

AADV Seremban Malaysia J

Asian Academy of Family Therapy

AAFT Hong Kong Hong Kong J

Asian Academy of Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery

AAMISS Potts Point NSW Australia E

Asian Academy of Orofacial Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders

AAOT 1985 D v

Asian Academy of Osseointegration

AAO 2004 Seoul Korea Rep D

Asian Academy of Preventive Dentistry

AAPD Sai Ying Pun Hong Kong D v

Asian Academy of Prosthodontics

AAP 1994 Shanghai China D

Asian Aerosol Research Assembly

AARA 2001 F

Asian Affairs Research Council

1964 Tokyo Japan N

Asian African Association for Plasma Training

AAAPT 1988 Singapore Singapore D

Asian Aid Organization

1966 Wauchope NSW Australia G

Asian and Oceanian Photochemistry Association


Asian and Pacific Association for Social Work Education


Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development

APCICT 2006 Incheon Korea Rep E g

Asian Aquaculture Network

AAN 2009 Bangkok Thailand F

Asian Association for Algorithms and Computation

AAAC 2007 D

Asian Association for Biology Education

AABE 1966 Manila Philippines D

Asian Association for Public Administration

AAPA 2010 Seoul Korea Rep F v

Asian Association for Radiation Research

AARR 2005 Mumbai India D

Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes

AASD 2009 Tokyo Japan D

Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities

AAACU 1972 Los Baños Philippines D

Asian Association of Independent Research Providers

Asia IRP Singapore Singapore G

Asian Association of Indigenous and Cultural Psychology

AAICP 2010 D

Asian Association of Open Universities

AAOU 1987 D

Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy

AASP 2001 Kyoto Japan D

Asian Association of Social Psychology

AASP 1995 Perth WA Australia D v

Asian Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Asia TEFL 2002 D

Asian Association of Veterinary Schools

AAVS 2001 Tokyo Japan D y

Asian Borderlands Research Network

ABRN Leiden Netherlands G j

Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research

ABFER Singapore Singapore D

Asian Center for Women's Studies

ACWS 1995 Seoul Korea Rep G