Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 2: Zero Hunger

Zero Hunger

It is time to rethink how we grow, share and consume our food. If done right, agriculture, forestry and fisheries can provide nutritious food for all and generate decent incomes, while supporting people-centered rural development and protecting the environment.

Right now, our soils, freshwater, oceans, forests and biodiversity are being rapidly degraded. Climate change is putting even more pressure on the resources we depend on, increasing risks associated with disasters, such as droughts and floods. Many rural women and men can no longer make ends meet on their land, forcing them to migrate to cities in search of opportunities. Poor food security is also causing millions of children to be stunted, or too short for the ages, due to severe malnutrition.

A profound change of the global food and agriculture system is needed if we are to nourish the 815 million people who are hungry today and the additional 2 billion people expected to be undernourished by 2050. Investments in agriculture are crucial to increasing the capacity for agricultural productivity and sustainable food production systems are necessary to help alleviate the perils of hunger.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II Type III

Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific

APHCA 1975 Bangkok Thailand E g FAO Bodies, IGOs

Ankole Watusi International Registry

AWIR 1983 Spring Hill KS USA N

Apostleship of the Sea - Stella Maris

AOS 1922 Vatican City Vatican R Religious Orders

Appel détresse

1974 La Chapelle-sur-Erdre France N

Aquacultural Engineering Society

AES 1993 Copper Hill VA USA D

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

ASC 2010 Utrecht Netherlands F

Arab Agricultural Engineers Union

AAEU Damascus Syrian AR D

Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development

AAAID 1976 Khartoum Sudan F g IGOs

Arab Centre for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands

ACSAD 1968 Damascus Syrian AR E g IGOs

Arab Economic and Social Council

AESC 1950 Cairo Egypt E g IGOs

Arab Federation for Food Industries

AFFI 1977 Damascus Syrian AR D

Arab Federation of Fish Producers

AFFP 1976 Tunis Tunisia D g IGOs

Arab Fisheries Company

AFC 1978 Jeddah Saudi Arabia E ge Corporations, Companies, IGOs

Arab Organization for Agricultural Development

AOAD 1970 Khartoum Sudan D g IGOs

Arab Society for Plant Nutrition and Fertilization

ASPNF Cairo Egypt D

Arabian Aquaculture Society

Alexandria Egypt D



ASARECA Animal Agriculture Research Network

A-AARNET 1997 Nairobi Kenya K

ASEAN Cocoa Club

ACC 1996 Kota Kinabalu Malaysia F Clubs

ASEAN Forestry Students Association

AFSA 1993 Bangkok Thailand D

ASEAN Specialized Meteorological Centre

ASMC 1993 Singapore Singapore E

ASEAN Working Group on Social Forestry

AWG SF 2005 Jakarta Indonesia E g IGOs

Asia and Pacific Commission on Agricultural Statistics

APCAS 1963 Bangkok Thailand E g FAO Bodies, IGOs

Asia and Pacific Plant Protection Commission

APPPC 1955 Bangkok Thailand E g FAO Bodies, IGOs

Asia and Pacific Seed Association

APSA 1994 Bangkok Thailand D

Asia Food and Nutrition Research Institute

1971 Seoul Korea Rep N j Institutes

Asia Forest Network

AFN 1987 Tagbilaran City Philippines G

Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources

ANSAB 1992 Kathmandu Nepal F

Asia Pacific Association of Educators in Agriculture and Environment

APEAEN 1997 Pili Philippines D

Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition Society

APCNS 1992 Hangzhou China D

Asia Pacific Food Analysis Network

APFAN 1989 Bandung Indonesia F

Asia Pacific Natural Agriculture Network

APNAN 1989 Bangkok Thailand F

Asia Pacific Network on Food Sovereignty


Asia Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association

APRACA 1977 Bangkok Thailand D

Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions

APAARI 1990 Bangkok Thailand D gy International Federations, IGOs

Asia-Pacific Association of Forestry Research Institutions

APAFRI 1995 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia D y International Federations

Asia-Pacific Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture

APFITA 1998 Taipei Taiwan D

Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission

APFIC 1948 Bangkok Thailand E g FAO Bodies, IGOs

Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission

APFC 1949 Bangkok Thailand E g FAO Bodies, IGOs

Asia-Pacific Network for Food and Nutrition

ANFN 1988 F g IGOs

Asia-Pacific Network for Sustainable Forest Management and Rehabilitation

APFNet Beijing China E gy International Federations, IGOs

Asia-Pacific Nutrigenomics and Nutrigenetics Organisation

APNNO 2014 Adelaide Australia D

Asian Agricultural Remote Sensing Symposium

S c Conference Series

Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering

AAAE 1990 Beijing China D v

Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities

AAACU 1972 Los Baños Philippines D

Asian Center for Population and Community Development

ACPD 1978 Bangkok Thailand G

Asian Crop Science Association

ACSA 1990 Warwick Australia D

Asian Farmers'Association for Sustainable Rural Development

AFA 2002 Quezon City Philippines F

Asian Farming Systems Association

AFSA 1988 D

Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations

AFDA 1991 D