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Dear Colleague,

We accept you to participate in the forth-coming International conference On Children's Rights In Education, Sexual Assault, Ending Poverty And Racism (I.C.O.C.R.E.S.A.E.P.R 2018) which is scheduled to take place at the AMA New York Executive Conference Center United States of America from January 17th to 20th 2018 while the second phase will be held In African Continent at St Louis Senegal from 23rd to 27th January 2018.

title:Korea to Host Canai Global Group Incentive Event in November – with More Coming in 2018

Korea will be welcoming 400 international employees of Hong Kong-based multinational retail company Canai later this month for corporate events and travel, with a further 2,600 staff members attending an event in the country next year. The arrivals follow a successful bid to host the global group’s overseas incentive trip by the Korea MICE Bureau (KMB) division of the Korea Tourism Organization.


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