Intercept: Proposal for infoDev activity


We found little need to clarify reviewers’ comments in the sections "Strengths of the Proposal", with which we largely agree. This document responds to comments in the sections "Weaknesses of the Proposal". The reviewers’ comments in original order are annexed. We have grouped and reordered the points in this response for ease of continuity.

We are responding at some length to ensure we adequately cover the points raised. This does not imply an especial emphasis on our part in the particular content of these issues compared with others concerning the project that have gone unmentioned.

We thank your reviewers for their valuable comments. Their questions have helped us refine and focus our project concept. Specifically, their comments have thrown light on some areas of unclarity and required us to be more explicit about programme activities, their need and their benefits as relate to infoDev development objectives.

We have rewritten the proposal sections "Short Description of Activity" and "Abstract". These are annexed to this document.

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