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Humans or modern humans are the most common and widespread species of primate, and the last surviving species of the genus Homo. They are great apes characterized by their hairlessness, bipedalism, and high intelligence. Humans have large brains, enabling more advanced cognitive skills that enable them to thrive and adapt in varied environments, develop highly complex tools, and form complex social structures and civilizations. Humans are highly social, with individual humans tending to belong to a multi-layered network of cooperating, distinct, or even competing social groups – from families and peer groups to corporations and political states. As such, social interactions between humans have established a wide variety of values, social norms, languages, and traditions, each of which bolsters human society. Humans are also highly curious: the desire to understand and influence phenomena has motivated humanity's development of science, technology, philosophy, mythology, religion, and other frameworks of knowledge; humans also study themselves through such domains as anthropology, social science, history, psychology, and medicine. As of May 2024, there are estimated to be more than 8 billion humans alive.

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Organizations relating to Human

International Human-Powered Vehicle Association / Cutten CA, USA / Est. 1975
International Academy of Human Reproduction / Kiel, Germany / Est. 1974
International Society for Trace Element Research in Humans / Bronx NY, USA / Est. 1984
United Nations University Institute for Environment and Human Security / Bonn, Germany / Est. 2003
Coalition for an Effective African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights / Arusha, Tanzania UR / Est. 2003
International Symposium on Human Factors in Telecommunications / Saltsjö-Boo, Sweden / Est. 1961
International Association for Human Values / Geneva, Switzerland / Est. 1997
Values Caucus at the United Nations / New York NY, USA / Est. 1994
Nationless Worldwide Association / Paris, France / Est. 1921
International Institute of Projectiology and Conscientiology / Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil / Est. 1988
Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School / Hamneda, Sweden / Est. 1970
Human Appeal / Cheadle, UK / Est. 1984
Human Dignity / Paris, France / Est. 2014
Operation Blessing International / Virginia Beach VA, USA / Est. 1978
Coördinatiecentrum Mensenhandel / Amersfoort, Netherlands
Servicio Ecuménico para la Dignidad Humana / Montevideo, Uruguay / Est. 1984
Human Relief Foundation / Bradford, UK / Est. 1991
International Blue Crescent / Istanbul, Türkiye / Est. 1999
Society for Human Ecology / Bar Harbor ME, USA / Est. 1981
Tolstoy Foundation / Valley Cottage NY, USA / Est. 1939
Sri Aurobindo Society / Puducherry, India / Est. 1960
SSF-IIIHS Centre for Psychospiritual Studies / Montréal QC, Canada
Arias Foundation for Peace and Human Progress / San José, Costa Rica / Est. 1987
Human Concern International / Ottawa ON, Canada
Insan Dogasini Arastirma Dernegi / Istanbul, Türkiye
Centre of International Research in Human Unity / Kottakuppam, India / Est. 1994
Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation / New York NY, USA / Est. 1929
World Human Dimension / Moscow, Russia / Est. 1991
Fondation Hirondelle - Media for Peace and Human Dignity / Lausanne, Switzerland / Est. 1995
Ford Institute for Human Security / Pittsburgh PA, USA / Est. 2003
Mercy-USA for Aid and Development / Plymouth MI, USA / Est. 1986
Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity / New York NY, USA / Est. 1986
Society for the Study of Human Biology / Loughborough, UK / Est. 1958
Maurice Pate Institute for Human Survival / Redding CT, USA
Centre international de formation et de recherche en sexualité / Toulouse, France
Jóvenes del Tercer Mundo / Madrid, Spain / Est. 1988
International Society of Nurses in Genetics / Pittsburgh PA, USA / Est. 1988
Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies / Trondheim, Norway / Est. 2001
Compton Foundation / Redwood City CA, USA / Est. 1946
Lutheran World Relief / Baltimore MD, USA / Est. 1945
African Foundation For Human Advancement / Lagos, Nigeria / Est. 2003
International Association of Human Trafficking Investigators / Oldsmar FL, USA / Est. 2009
End Human Trafficking Now / Geneva, Switzerland / Est. 2006
Comité Protestant évangélique pour la Dignité Humaine / Ostwald, France
Jacob Soetendorp Institute for Human Values / The Hague, Netherlands / Est. 2001
World Human Accountability Organization / New York NY, USA / Est. 2016
International Organization for Human Ecology / Est. 1978
World Association for Free Time and for Human and Social Well-being / Est. 1983
International Institute of Human Economy / Est. 1941
International Association Against Torture / New York NY, USA / Est. 1977

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World Problems relating to Human

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Human consumption of animals
Human immunodeficiency virus infection
Human torture
Abusive experimentation on humans
Human disease and disability
Human eugenics
Human flatulence in public
Natural environment degradation
Human inequality
Artificial insemination
Acquired human immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
Human sexual disorders
Loss of cultural diversity
Health risks to workers in agricultural and livestock production
Harmful biological effects of ionizing radiation
Inhibited human physical growth
Market indicators' exclusion of human requirements
Unethical experiments with drugs and medical devices
Dissemination of plant diseases by man
Undulant fever
Health inequalities
Human deficiency diseases
Environmentally induced diseases

Action Strategies relating to Human

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Promoting voluntary human extinction
Providing rapid emergency response
Protecting against hazards to human health in the natural environment
Protecting against human health hazards in chemical-intensive agriculture
Protecting against hazards to human health
Reducing threats to human security
Researching effects of air pollution on human health
Tracing missing persons
Investing in people
Monitoring effects of air pollution on human health
Providing healthy psychosocial human environment
Developing noetic science
Preventing disease
Preventing further incidence of AIDS
Improving quality of human life
Maintaining record of past encounter
Studying human dimensions of environmental change
Improving health care
Learning from mistakes
Developing sustainable population policy
Assessing environmental consequences of human attitudes
Promoting study of geographical problems
Reducing human inequality
Improving human health
Broadening understanding of human development

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