Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries

Reduced inequalities

The international community has made significant strides towards lifting people out of poverty. The most vulnerable nations – the least developed countries, the landlocked developing countries and the small island developing states – continue to make inroads into poverty reduction. However, inequality persists and large disparities remain regarding access to health and education services and other assets.

There is growing consensus that economic growth is not sufficient to reduce poverty if it is not inclusive and if it does not involve the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental. Fortunately, income inequality has been reduced both between and within countries. At the current time, the per capita income of 60 out of 94 countries with data has risen more rapidly than the national average. There has been some progress regarding creating favorable access conditions for exports from least developing countries as well.

To reduce inequality, policies should be universal in principle, paying attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations. There needs to be an increase in duty-free treatment and continuation of favoring exports from developing countries, in addition to increasing the share of developing countries’ vote within the IMF. Finally, innovations in technology can help reduce the cost of transferring money for migrant workers.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II Type III

Winrock International

1985 Little Rock AR USA G Institutes

WIRED International

Montara CA USA N


1992 Brooklyn NY USA G Human Rights Organizations

Witness for Peace

WFP 1983 Washington DC USA G

Woman and Earth Global Eco-Network

1979 New York NY USA G v Human Rights Organizations

Women Against Violence Europe

WAVE 1994 Vienna Austria F Human Rights Organizations

Women and Development Unit

WAND 1978 St Michael Barbados F

Women and Land Rights in Southern Africa, Zimbabwe

J Human Rights Organizations

Women and Law in Southern Africa Research Trust

WLSA 1987 Lusaka Zambia F Human Rights Organizations

Women Engage for a Common Future

WECF 1994 Utrecht Netherlands F y International Federations

Women for Peace, Sweden

WFP 1979 Stockholm Sweden G

Women for Women International

WFWI 1993 Washington DC USA G

Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition

WHRD Culemborg Netherlands F Human Rights Organizations

Women in Dialogue

WinD 1975 London UK G Human Rights Organizations

Women in Need International

Bishop Auckland UK N

Women with Vision in Africa

WVA Monrovia Liberia G

Women's Brain Project

WBP 2016 F

Women's Earth Alliance

WEA 2006 Berkeley CA USA G

Women's Fund Asia

2004 Colombo Sri Lanka F f Funds

Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights

WGNRR 1978 Quezon City Philippines F Human Rights Organizations

Women's Home and Overseas Missionary Society

WHOMS 1880 Charlotte NC USA G

Women's Human Rights International Association

WHRIA Paris France G Human Rights Organizations

Women's Initiatives for Gender Justice

Women's Initiatives The Hague Netherlands F

Women's International Democratic Federation

WIDF 1945 Sao Paulo Brazil B Human Rights Organizations

Women's Learning Partnership for Rights, Development and Peace

WLP 1999 Bethesda MD USA F Human Rights Organizations

Women's Link Worldwide

Madrid Spain G Human Rights Organizations

Women's Voices Now

WVN Rolling Hills Estates CA USA G

Women's World Summit Foundation

WWSF 1991 Geneva Switzerland F f Foundations, Human Rights Organizations

WomenStrong International


Workability International

1987 Sydney Australia D Human Rights Organizations

Worker Rights Consortium

WRC 2000 Washington DC USA G

Working Group on Tourism and Development

1977 Basel Switzerland G

Working Together for Human Rights

1989 Lyon France G Human Rights Organizations


1997 Lewes UK N

World Agroforestry Centre

ICRAF 1977 Nairobi Kenya E

World Alliance for Nutrition and Human Rights

WANAHR 1992 The Hague Netherlands F Human Rights Organizations

World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty

WACAP 1997 New York NY USA F

World Alliance of Mobile Indigenous Peoples

WAMIP Ahmedabad India J

World Armenian Congress

WAC S c Conference Series

World Association for Cooperative Education

WACE 1983 Lowell MA USA F

World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

WAPR 1986 Madrid Spain B Human Rights Organizations

World Association for Sexual Health

WAS 1978 Prague Czech Rep B y International Federations, Human Rights Organizations

World Association of Judges

WAJ 1966 Bethesda MD USA E v

World Association of Law Professors

WALP 1975 Bethesda MD USA E v Human Rights Organizations

World Bank - Civil Society Joint Facilitation Committee

JFC 2005 E y International Federations

World Centre for Peace, Freedom and Human Rights

1990 Verdun France G Human Rights Organizations

World Citizen Foundation

New York NY USA G f Human Rights Organizations, Foundations

World Civil Society Conference

WOCSOC S c Conference Series

World Civil Society Forum

WCSF 2000 Geneva Switzerland E United Nations Bodies

World Community Fund Against Hunger

1982 Gémeaux France F f Funds, Funds