Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 4: Quality Education

Quality Education

Obtaining a quality education is the foundation to creating sustainable development. In addition to improving quality of life, access to inclusive education can help equip locals with the tools required to develop innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems.

Over 265 million children are currently out of school and 22% of them are of primary school age. Additionally, even the children who are attending schools are lacking basic skills in reading and math. In the past decade, major progress has been made towards increasing access to education at all levels and increasing enrollment rates in schools particularly for women and girls. Basic literacy skills have improved tremendously, yet bolder efforts are needed to make even greater strides for achieving universal education goals. For example, the world has achieved equality in primary education between girls and boys, but few countries have achieved that target at all levels of education.

The reasons for lack of quality education are due to lack of adequately trained teachers, poor conditions of schools and equity issues related to opportunities provided to rural children. For quality education to be provided to the children of impoverished families, investment is needed in educational scholarships, teacher training workshops, school building and improvement of water and electricity access to schools.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Women's University in Africa

WUA 2002 Harare Zimbabwe G

Women's Voices Now

WVN 2010 Rolling Hills Estates CA USA G

Women's World Summit Foundation

WWSF 1991 Geneva Switzerland F f

Women's WorldWide Web

W4 2012 Paris France F

WomenStrong International


Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

WWICS 1968 Washington DC USA G

Work and Economy Research Network in the European Churches


Workgroup of European Cancer Patient Advocacy Networks

WECAN 2015 F y

Working Group of European Mint Directors for the Technical Study of the European Single Coinage System

MDWG 1994 Paris France E

Working Group on Tourism and Development

1977 Basel Switzerland G


1997 Lewes UK N

World Academic Council of Emergency Medicine

WACEM 2014 E

World Academic Society of Medical Qigong

WASMQ 1989 Beijing China E v

World Academy of Art and Science

WAAS 1960 Puducherry India B v

World Academy of Arts and Culture

WAAC 1969 San Jose CA USA F

World Academy of Biomedical Technologies

WABT 1997 Paris France G

World Academy of Ceramics

WAC 1987 Faenza Italy E v

World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery


World Academy of Medical Sciences

WAMS 1991 J

World Academy of Nursing Science

WANS 2009 Nonthaburi Thailand C

World Academy of Productivity Science

WAPS 1969 Montréal QC Canada G

World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering


World Academy of Science

1995 N

World Academy of Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Bone Surgery

WAUPS 2012 Daegu Korea Rep N

World Agricultural Information Centre

WAICENT 1992 Rome Italy K g

World Alliance for Arts Education

WAAE 2006 E y

World Alliance for Pentecostal Theological Education

WAPTE 2009 Ellendale ND USA B

World Alliance of Young Men's Christian Associations

YMCA 1855 Vernier Switzerland B

World Anaesthesia Society

WAS 1988 London UK N

World Animal Protection

1981 London UK B

World Anthropological Union

WAU 2018 B

World Anti-Bullying Forum

WABF 1997 Umeå Sweden D

World Assemblies of God Relief and Development Agency

WAGRA Springfield MO USA K

World Assembly of Muslim Youth

WAMY 1972 London UK F

World Assembly of Youth

WAY 1949 Melaka Malaysia B y

World Association for Animal Production

WAAP 1965 Rome Italy C y

World Association for Case Method Research and Application

WACRA 1984 Needham MA USA C

World Association for Cooperative Education

WACE 1983 Lowell MA USA F

World Association for Hallyu Studies

WAHS 2013 Seoul Korea Rep G

World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training

WAHTT 1969 Trelissac France C y

World Association for Online Education

WAOE 1998 Osaka Japan D

World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy

WAPP 1994 Wiesbaden Germany E

World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

WAPR 1986 Bangalore India B

World Association for Public Opinion Research

WAPOR 1947 Lincoln NE USA C v

World Association for Sedimentation and Erosion Research

WASER Beijing China D

World Association for Sexual Health

WAS 1978 Minneapolis MN USA B y

World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises

WASME 1980 Noida India B

World Association for Social Psychiatry

WASP 1964 New Delhi India B v

World Association for the Protection of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage

WATCH Rome Italy E

World Association for the School as an Instrument of Peace

1967 Geneva Switzerland C