14th Round Table Europe – 18 & 19 November 2021

Frequent Questions


How much does it cost?
The registration fees are:
• for delegates from international associations: 60.00 euro, plus 21% VAT
• for UIA Associate Members: 419.00 euro / 519.00 euro after 1 October 2021, plus 21% VAT
• for industry delegates: 576.00 euro / 726.00 euro after 1 October 2021, plus 21% VAT

What is included in the registration fee?

All activities listed under “Programme” are included:
- on Thursday 18 November: the morning activities (tours for delegates from associations / database training for Associate Members and industry / annual meeting of UIA Associate Members), lunch, the Round Table sessions, dinner
- on Friday 18 November: the Round Table sessions, lunch, the afternoon activities for delegates from associations, for Associate Members and industry

Thanks to the generous support of our host Prague Convention Bureau, and thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer a high-level educational programme for a low fee. All other elements of the programme are complimentary.
Delegates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements and expenses. See “Getting there” and “Staying overnight” for suggestions.

How can I pay the registration fee?
Payment is in advance is required. Bank transfer information will be given in the email confirming your registration. Payment onsite is not possible.

What happens with the payment of the registration fee, if travel is not permitted?
If travel is not permitted, then in-person registrations will be converted to online participation.

How do I register?
Click on the “Register Now” tab and select your registration category.

What is the deadline for registration?
We accept online registrations until 11 November. After that date, it may be possible, space permitting, to register by email to clara@uia.org.

Is there financial support?
We regret UIA is unable to assist with travel and accommodation expenses as we are ourselves a small, self-funded research institute. We are able to keep the registration fee low for delegates from associations thanks to the assistance of our host partners and of our sponsors.

Some associations have received assistance for this or similar conferences from their national or regional tourist boards or chamber of commerce, where there is a programme to support the work of international associations.

If requesting assistance from a convention bureau or chamber of commerce, you can perhaps underline the networking and promotional opportunities of attending an international associations conference: you will meet representatives of international associations from around the world and can tell them about the benefits of operating an association in your city, or of holding an association event in your city. For a list of organizations which have sent representatives to past Round Tables, click here.


What are the topics?
See the page “Programme” for an overview of the programme, and the page “Presenters” for descriptions of sessions and biographies of the speakers.

What is the format?
The format is hybrid and will meet the expectations from virtual and from onsite participants.
You will either virtually or in person meet with experts as speakers, and there will be experts in the virtual and onsite room listening: you! In the presentations and the workshops, the speakers will tell us about challenges they are facing in their association and how they are dealing with it. Then we split into virtual and real break-out rooms with five parallel workshop groups, where each speaker gives a workshop on his or her topic. In the break-out rooms you can discuss with the speaker and with all your peers in the room.

Are there pre-tours?
Yes! See the page “Extras” for the special extra activities.

Are there post-tours?
Yes! See the page “Extras” for the special extra activities.


How do I get to Prague?
Delegates are responsible for their own travel arrangements and expenses. See the page “Getting there” for useful information.

Where can I stay in Prague?
Delegates are responsible for their own hotel arrangements and expenses. See the page “Staying overnight” for suggestions.

Where is the Round Table?
In the Prague Congress Centre

What is the dress code?
Delegates are asked to dress for business.
For Thursday 18 November choose flexible clothing. There will probably not be enough time to change clothes between the different parts of the day (morning activity, afternoon Round Table sessions, evening dinner).

What else is there in Prague?
See the page “About Prague” for suggestions.


Who attends the UIA Round Table?
We expect about 150 participants, mostly representatives of international not-for-profit associations. For a list of organizations which have sent representatives to past Round Tables, click here.

About the UIA
UIA - Union of International Associations - is a research institute founded in 1907 to promote and document the work of international associations. Its primary task is the collection and dissemination of information on international associations, fulfilled largely by its Global Civil Society Database, the basis of its two main publications: the Yearbook of International Organizations and the International Congress Calendar.

International organizations are described in the Yearbook of International Associations. With absolutely no charge, fee, or obligation. This is what we do, and what we have been doing for over 100 years.

The Yearbook of International Associations is used mostly by international associations wishing to contact other associations active in their field, by academics studying global civil society, and by governmental offices (usually the tourist boards) wishing to be informed of international association activity in their area.

The UIA also promotes the work of international associations by organizing educational activities, such as the Round Table.

I represent a convention bureau or other service industry. Am I welcome at the Round Table?
Yes! We reserve a certain number of spaces for delegates representing offices providing services to international associations. While some of the extra activities are reserved for association delegates, there is also special sessions for these “industry” delegates: an introduction to UIA and its Global Civil Society Database on Thursday 12 November from 10.30 to 11.30. For UIA Associate Members there is also the annual meeting from 11.30 to 12.30. Please contact clara@uia.org for more information.


Questions about the Round Table, or about joining us as a partner?

We are happy to hear from you!

Clara Fernández López, clara@uia.org