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World of Associations News is our monthly e-newsletter, produced in partnership with CIM - Conference & Incentive Management.

This e-newsletter features upcoming international congresses, interviews with association executives, surveys, and best meeting deals/offers for organizations. It is also an interactive platform for international associations who are seeking for opinion-sharing with their peers on topical issues, best practices and experiences.


Newsletter Archive

January 2019
In This Issue:
  • Excellence in Association Management: ASSOCIATIONWORLD’s new approach to education for association leaders
  • Duck’s breast not gestures
  • Why Munich?
December 2018
In This Issue:
  • SHARED LEARNING: The 2018 UIA Associations Round Table leaves its mark on Kuala Lumpur and Lyon
  • Distances, time zones and budgets are sent to try us
  • Why Buenos Aires?
November 2018
In This Issue:
  • Identifying and Building up Partnerships for Development Projects: CRAterre Field Experience and Lessons Learnt
  • Supporting a Resilient and Sustainable World
  • Why Kyoto?
October 2018
In This Issue:
  • ONLYLYON CONVENTION BUREAU: Our Know-How Dedicated to Associations
  • Providing Opportunities For Researchers And Educators
  • Why Brisbane?
September 2018
In This Issue:
  • Training at Solvay, ULB, in the Executive Master in International Association Management: A Valuable Experience
  • A Dynamic, Vital Force All Over the Planet
  • Why Hamburg?
August 2018
In This Issue:
  • Going from 0 to 1: PARIMA’s Certification Challenges
  • Facing the Threats of Globalisation
  • Why Brussels?
July 2018
In This Issue:
  • UIA’s 7th Survey on International Meeting Issues
  • Focusing on the Applied Aspect
  • Why New Orleans?
June 2018
In This Issue:
  • Malaysia sits at the heart of Asia
  • Showcasing Vacuum Science
  • Why Geneva?
May 2018
In This Issue:
  • Exclusive content for associations at The Meetings Show 2018
  • Connect, Communicate, Translate
  • Why Montréal
April 2018
In This Issue:
  • Communication in a global market
  • All of us play a part
  • Why The Hague?



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