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World of Associations News is our monthly e-newsletter, produced in partnership with CIM - Conference & Incentive Management.

This e-newsletter features upcoming international congresses, interviews with association executives, surveys, and best meeting deals/offers for organizations. It is also an interactive platform for international associations who are seeking for opinion-sharing with their peers on topical issues, best practices and experiences.


Newsletter Archive

June 2012
In This Issue:
  • Rio+20: A responsibility of citizens and citizens' organizations of all continents, all ages, all persuasions. The planet is ours...
  • How can international associations contribute to a green economy to achieve sustainable development?
  • Favourite spots in Rio
May 2012
In This Issue:
  • Two recent changes to Value Added Tax which international associations with any EU connections need to take into account
  • Rotary International talks about how they motivate people to become a member
  • Favourite spots in Bangkok
April 2012
In This Issue:
  • Simply effective meetings: meetings that interest, involve, and inspire participation in an age of collaboration
  • EPOS talks about the importance of their congresses to the association and their main challenges
  • Favourite spots in Helsinki
March 2012
In This Issue:
  • Lobbying in Brussels: Competition of interests and why associations should engage at the European level
  • International associations have more and more members from all over the world. What should they know about cross intercultural communication?
  • Favourite spots in Philadelphia
February 2012
In This Issue:
  • A socially responsible economy: The role of associations will be critical, as they are a source of knowledge.
  • EAU talks about the integration of social media and the latest technologies in their congresses
  • Favourite spots in Paris
January 2012
In This Issue:
  • The Year of...? 2011 was declared the Year of Forests by the UN, and the Year of Volunteering by the EU. Are these 'Years' effective, do they make a difference?
  • How has the world changed in terms of conference organisation, and how can associations cope with these changes?
  • Favourite spots in Estoril
December 2011
In This Issue:
  • Constantly evolving, adding to the collected history of international civil society and increasing its value, the UIA is moving into its second century with enthusiasm
  • Times are tough: Should international associations spend their marketing dollars at trade shows?
  • Favourite spots in Valencia
November 2011
In This Issue:
  • UIA's 2011 RoundTable: "Associations in action: social legacy and community engagement"
  • EWEA: Innovating today, shaping tomorrow
  • Favourite spots in Kyoto
October 2011
In This Issue:
  • Tribute to Wangari Maathai: an outstanding woman, an outstanding humanist, innovator, civil society activist, and leader.
  • Personalisation at congresses: Which main trends in the convention industry are relevant for international associations?
  • Favourite spots in Leipzig
September 2011
In This Issue:
  • Social Legacy: End your next conference not only with a smile on your own face but also leaving a smile on the faces of those you've left behind you.
  • IHEU talks about their congress following the bombing in Oslo and the massacre at Utøya
  • Favourite spots in Oslo



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