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World of Associations News is our monthly e-newsletter, produced in partnership with CIM - Conference & Incentive Management.

This e-newsletter features upcoming international congresses, interviews with association executives, surveys, and best meeting deals/offers for organizations. It is also an interactive platform for international associations who are seeking for opinion-sharing with their peers on topical issues, best practices and experiences.


Newsletter Archive

July 2014
In This Issue:
  • Dubai welcomes associations, by the Dubai Convention and Events Bureau (DCEB)
  • ICM serves as the meeting place for the most notable achievements in mathematics: Interview with Hyungju Park, Chairman of Seoul ICM 2014 Organizing Committee
  • Why Seoul?
June 2014
In This Issue:
  • UIA Associations Round Tables: Invitation
  • Increase the momentum of the Alzheimer’s disease movement: by Keith Fargo, Ph.D., Alzheimer's Association Director of Scientific Programs and Outreach
  • UIA's past journals - open access now
May 2014
In This Issue:
  • Meetings and Conventions 2030 by the GCB - German Convention Bureau
  • Foster the always-on mentality of modern consumers: Interview with Jörg Pretzel, CEO of GS1 Germany
  • Why Berlin? by Heike Mahmoud, Director Conventions, visitBerlin Berlin Convention Office
April 2014
In This Issue:
  • Shaping your association for the future
  • Growing public interest in aging management: Interview with Catherine Decuyper, Founder and President of Euromedicom
  • After the meeting in Monaco: My favourite places - Three Restaurants
March 2014
In This Issue:
  • Open Yearbook and Open Calendar
  • The key is to identify two main issues: trends and influencers: Interview with Mazen Nahawi, President of the Federation Internationale des Bureaux d’Extraits de Presse
  • After the meeting in Dubai: My favourite places - Three restaurants
February 2014
In This Issue:
  • Fresh innovations you need to monitor
  • Ideas and solutions for the future of Family Medicine: Interview with Tobias Freund, Secretary of the Vasco da Gama movement, the WONCA Europe working group
  • Favourite spots in Barcelona: Restaurants
January 2014
In This Issue:
  • Paving the Path to a Better Event Experience
  • Revolutionize the way the world thinks about meetings: Interview with Deborah Sexton, President and CEO of the Professional Convention Management Association
  • After the meeting in Boston: Top Three Neighborhoods for Food
December 2013
In This Issue:
  • UIA Round Table in Europe 2013
  • The largest medical congress ever held on Australian soil: Interview with Sir Michael Hirst, President of the International Diabetes Federation
  • Favourite spots in Melbourne: Top three restaurants
November 2013
In This Issue:
  • 1st UIA Associations Round Table in Asia
  • Reduced budgets demand ‘more for less: Interview with Prof. Alex Milton, Conference Chair of Cumulus Dublin 2013
  • After the meeting in Dublin: My favourite places - Top three restaurants
October 2013
In This Issue:
  • The Millennium Project and its Global Futures Intelligence System
  • Translating science into treatment: Interview with Prof Hans G. Kress, President of the European Pain Federation
  • Favourite places in Singpore



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