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International Repository of Third Sector Networks and Trends (IRTSNT) UIA 2013 Projects
The Social Legacy of Meetings Rob Davidson 2011 Presentations
How can the daily work of your association benefit the local community? Danièle Vranken 2011 Presentations
How does EWEA publicise the social impact it makes? EWEA 2011 Presentations
UIA/Globescan Survey on Civil Society UIA 2009 Projects
Live Statistical Widgets UIA 2009 Visualization
Civil Society Glossary UIA 2007 Projects
Yearbook subject keywords UIA 2007 Yearbook of International Organizations
About UIA's name Anthony Judge 2006 Research Papers / Articles
CiviLynx: Gateway to Civil Society Organization Information UIA 2004 Projects
Global Knowledge Grid UIA 2004 Projects
Local Action Dynamics UIA 2003 Projects
UIA Thesis Prize UIA 2003 Projects
The UIA Website - A 7 Year Odyssey Tomáš Fülöpp 2002 Presentations
International Meetings Survey 1985 - 1993 - 2002 Tomáš Fülöpp, Ghislaine de Coninck 2002 Presentations
Case Studies In Use of UIA Statistics SECC 2001 Presentations
UIA/University of Paris Study on NGO Security UIA 2001 Projects
Impact of Sept 11 on the Meetings Industry Joel Fischer 2001 Presentations
Meeting Security UIA 2001 Presentations
Online and CD Developments in UIA Information Services - 2001 Anthony Judge 2001 Presentations
Vol 5: Statistics, Visualizations and Patterns 2001 Presentations
Information & Communication Technologies - Trends & Issues Joel Fischer 2001 Presentations
UIA - Saur Relations: Sharing a Documentary Pilgrimage Anthony Judge 2001 Research Papers / Articles
Simultaneous Conference Design Jon Jenkins 2000 Presentations
Information Warfare Allan Howard 2000 Presentations
La reconnaissance et la protection des ONG en droit international Frits Hondius 2000 Research Papers / Articles
The Transparency of NGOs: Lessons from experience Anne Marie Boutin 2000 Research Papers / Articles
Online and CD Developments in UIA Information Services - 2000 Anthony Judge, Joel Fischer, Tomáš Fülöpp 2000 Presentations
Millennium Forum Cyril Ritchie 2000 Research Papers / Articles
Knowledge Management for Conferences Jon Jenkins 2000 Presentations
Gardening Knowledge UIA 1999 Projects
The role of NGOs in the UNESCO System Kerstin Martens 1999 Research Papers / Articles
East-West Collaboration in the Development of Interactive Media Products Anthony Judge 1999 Presentations
Conference on the Art of Policy-Making UIA 1999 Projects
Is Global Civil Society Coming Down to Earth? Peter Waterman 1999 Research Papers / Articles
Coherent Policy-Making Beyond the Information Barrier UIA 1999 Projects
Humour and International Challenges UIA 1998 Projects
Learning Exchange between the Swadhyaya and Pitjantjatjara Communities UIA 1998 Projects
Internet Framework for Creative Dialogue on Irreconcilable Policy Differences UIA 1998 Projects
Cosmopolitiques: Retour à la société civile Paul Ghils 1997 Research Papers / Articles
World Guide to Logotypes, Emblems and Trademarks of International Organizations UIA 1997 Publications
Organization of a Navigable Problem-Solution-Learning Space UIA 1996 Projects
World Guide to Religious and Spiritual Organizations UIA 1996 Publications
Facilitating Community through Information UIA 1996 Projects
5.9 Human impotence and potential UIA 1995 Encyclopedia of World Problems
5.4 Language and the reconstruction of reality UIA 1995 Encyclopedia of World Problems
5.5 Entrapment by competing metaphors UIA 1995 Encyclopedia of World Problems
7.2 Alternation between complementary policy conditions 1995 Encyclopedia of World Problems
Study of Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential A Kannan 1995 Encyclopedia of World Problems
5.6 Embodiment in patterns of alternation UIA 1995 Encyclopedia of World Problems