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title:Multimedia Design Tips & Tricks

The purpose of this page is to help you create your own lively information maps using our databases.

Natural Creations: Just sit back and let your JAVA map develop in its own way. Occasionally zoom in or out (Page Up or Down) or move Up, Down, Left or Right using the arrow keys (your mouse pointer has to be above the applet area). The natural tensions in the network of springs will position the nodes and eventually come either to rest or to perpetual movement. The structure you will see has not been pre-defined. Sort of natural creation, isn't it?


title:About UIA's visualization research

Research on international civil society is conducted at the UIA in order to inform debates on strategies for a better world order. However, it is our opinion that to enrich these debates in more profound ways, we do not simply need new content or factual insight, but instead new ways of presenting and conceptualizing these debates and ideas. Therefore, the UIA has pioneered research into alternative means of conceptualizing information, networks and relationships, and strategies or philosophies for action.



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