Coherent Policy-Making Beyond the Information Barrier

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Project date: 1999

Full title: Coherent Policy-making Beyond the Information Barrier: Circumventing Dependence on Access, Classification, Penetration, Dissemination, Property, Surveillance, Interpretation, Disinformation, and Credibility

This project was originally submitted in response to a call for proposals by the World Bank's InfoDev programme in September 1999.

It aimed to review possibilities of enabling policy makers, notably in developing countries, to embrace a strategically realistic vision of the networking revolution that harnessed the opportunities and confronted the challenges of that revolution. It also aimed to review the kinds of knowledge-base facilities that can capture contextual insights in support of action-oriented dialogue under such circumstances, taking into account the conceptual richness associated with non-linear, visual, aural and narrative presentations (that offer strategic advantages to non- western cultures) in responding to complex crises.