UIA/Globescan Survey on Civil Society

Status message

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This project was launched in UIA's 100th year in tribute to Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, the co-founders of the UIA. They were both pioneers in seeking international dialogue, and devoted peace activists.

The survey was carried out in partnership with GlobeScan. It was designed to tap civil society organizations' expertise and perceptions on major global issues, as well as their view of civil society's role and impact in the world. There was also an opportunity to vote for the International Civil Society Organization of the Year.

In particular, the aim of the study was to analyze the current status of civil society organizations, their level of influence relative to the recent past, their performance in a number of areas, as well as some of the constraints and barriers they face in achieving their goals.

Results of the survey were distributed to participating organizations in 2009.

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