Forms of Presentation and the Future of Comprehension

Envisaged developments

Anthony Judge

As indicated above, it is highly probable that improvements will be made to the procedure for coding words, to the classification schemes used, and to the various computer programmes used in selecting organizations for allocation to one or more categories. It is also expected that greater use will be made of "manual" coding methods to handle the more subtly defined subjects as well as categories of organizations. This will permit better treatment of subjects denoted by compound words.

In restricting attention to keywords appearing in the names of organizations, however these are supplemented, this volume is far from touching on the activities of the commissions, departments and programmes of such bodies, not to mention their special-theme conferences. This problem is partly solved by the presence of Sections E and K organizations. It is also possible that some attempt will be made to relate this volume to the International Congress Calendar (36). The problem will be partially remedied in future editions by increasing use of the "hidden" keywords which appear in the organization descriptions (eg under "aims") in italics, and are extracted by computer. Obviously however a distinction has to be made between bodies specifically concerned with "peace", for example, and the many which choose to claim that their activities contribute towards peace.

Also envisaged is the possibility of providing written commentaries on the range of organizations associated with particular levels, columns or cells of the matrix. The intention would be to clarify how groups of these bodies relate to one another, what distinct functions they perform, and the nature of their limitations. Finally, it is hoped at some stage to include in this volume computer-generated maps of the networks of relationships between organizations and world problems. The set of these maps would then constitute a rather unique form of "atlas" from which valuable overviews could be obtained.