Forms of Presentation and the Future of Comprehension

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Anthony Judge

Collection of papers arising from work in connection with the Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development (GPID) project of the United Nations University (UNU).

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  • Introduction
  • Constraints on presenting action-oritented information
    • Minding the Future: a thought experiment on presenting new information (1980)
    • Principles of the Conscientized International Expert: political correctness in international initiatives (1979)
    • Mobilization of Public Opinion: yesterday's response to today's problems (1979)
    • A new global organizational order
    • Displacement of the wood by the trees
  • Language as a constraint
    • Languages Terminology and Mindsets (1974)
    • Social science terminology: problems and possibilities arising from use of several languages (1973)
    • Conceptual Gaps and Confused Distinctions: possible ambiguities in the translation of interrelated concepts (1974)
  • Societal learning and the international communty
    • Societal Learning and the Erosion of Collective Memory: a critique of the Club of Rome Report (1980)
    • Functional Classification in an Integrative Matrix of Human Preoccupations (1982)
  • Information mapping
    • Mapping Possibilities in Response to Information Needs of Science Policy-making for Development (1978)
    • Interrelating Viewpoints in Complex Meetings: the Horus wall-display technique (1978)
    • Mapping World Problems (1972)
    • Use of Interactive Graphic Display Techniques (1976)
  • Complexity and comprehension
    • Complexity: its constraints on social innovation (1977)
    • Categorical Straitjackets: PO - a suggestion for a depatterning device for international organization descriptions (1974)
    • The Future of Comprehension: conceptual birdcages and functional basket-weaving (1980)
    • The Territory Construed as the Map: in search of radical design innovations in the representation of human activities and their relationships (1976)
    • Knowledge-Representation in a Computer-Supported Environment (1977)
  • Annexes
    • Forms of Presentation: report of a meeting (1979)
    • Tentative overview of forms of communication
    • Anti-Developmental Biases in Thesaurus Design (1982)
    • Organization and Lifestyle Design: Characteristics of a nonverbal structural language (1978)
    • Computer-aided Visualization of Psycho-social Structures (1971)
    • Needs Communication: viable need patterns and their identification (1980)