Ecolynx Project: Information Context for Biodiversity Conservation

Data quality, review and update

Information managed by WCMC and its collaborators is largely compiled using expert networks or from official sources and in many cases is managed using methods advised by those experts. Information on problems and strategies managed by UIA is largely derived in response to regular mailings to the international organizations it profiles. Both partner organizations are increasing the use of Web sources and "data mining" techniques to supplement other sources. Generally, the quality of their data is considered of a very high standard, both by internal and external opinion, and sufficient for reference purposes. In terms of this INFO2000 project, it is necessary only that this quality standard for data be at least maintained (also see ‘Interactivity’ below).

One small area for data improvement is in the standardisation and completion of the citations in the UIA bibliography database (e.g. addition of ISBN). This need be done only for those publications referred to by the problems and strategies eventually selected for inclusion in the INFO200 product. There could also be consideration of whether this sample of data and WCMC’s Conservation Library data is amenable to combination for the final product.