Diversitas.org Project

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UIA/Diversitas response to the selection criteria

Selection CriteriaUIA / Diversitas Response
    Provides for the stability and functioning of the .org TLD
  • Facilities and systems to support .org in place and operational
  • Technical solution proven in managing TLD of this scale
    Ability to comply with ICANN-developed policies
  • Establishing a Board of Directors and a Policy Council representing the perspectives of broad segments of civil society
  • Ready to employ proven practices toward compliance with ICANN policy
    Enhancement of competition for registration services
  • Reinvigorate competition through provisioning of enhanced services through the best available teaming arrangements
  • Plan to re-compete the technical operations of the .org TLD in three years
    Differentiation of the .org TLD from those intended for commercial purposes
  • Unparalleled understanding of civil society and their current use of TLDs
  • Ability to execute a highly targeted marketing campaign 
    Inclusion of mechanisms for promoting the registry's operation in a manner that is responsive to the needs, concerns, and views of the non-commercial Internet user society
  • Unique experience in the process of information gathering from civil society including decades of survey experience 
  • Deep understanding of the community as a starting point for development of mechanisms
    Level of support for the proposal from .org registrants
  • Letters of support from key members of civil society included in Appendix F
  • Implicit support of the more than 40,000 organizations 
    Type, quality, and cost of the registry services proposed
  • Enhanced services based on acknowledged needs of the community to provide the greatest value 
  • Ensured quality of service through use of proven systems and infrastructure
    Ability and commitment to support, function in, and adapt protocol changes in the shared registry system
  • Comprehensive plan for the adoption of EPP
  • Wealth of experience in contributing to the development and implementation of new policy
    Transition considerations
  • Assurance of no interruption to technical operation
  • Arrangements with current .org Registry Operator for transition 
  • Provide data to ICANN for evaluation of transition
    Ability to meet and commitment to comply with the qualification and use requirements of the VeriSign endowment and proposed use of the endowment
  • Qualifications as a non-profit organization
  •  Plans to use the endowment to support the operational mission of Diversitas