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Extracts from support letters received specifically for this .org bid

Spirit of the Land Foundation Ltd., Australia

“The Spirit of the Land Foundation members are people of many continents and cultures committed to developing bridges of understanding between indigenous and non-indigenous knowledge. The vision has spread from a small desert homeland in Central Australia where Nganyinytja, a Pitjantjatjara elder, had the vision to invite peoples of all cultures to come together. Here the various worldviews and philosophies, the spirit and practice of caring for country are shared. The Foundation’s members include indigenous and non-indigenous people from all over Australia and the world.”

“UIA has assisted the expansion of our cross-cultural educational initiatives into the designing of a University of Earth. We have been co-developing this concept since Anthony Judge visited our desert centre and recognized the broader possibilities of our vision. This aim is to link campuses in remote indigenous communities with universities and to centres of learning in other cultures, world wide through a virtual campus.”

“We believe that the UIA is developing a vision that will provide users of the .org domain with the stability and non-profit leadership necessary to guide the evolution of the .org domain going forward. The UIA’s fundamental mission over the decades has been to understand and profile the global network of civil society bodies and their interests from an unbiased perspective. As such, UIA posses the necessary leadership and trust to fairly represent the interests of such a diverse group, and world.”

“We have been greatly supported by the UIA in the design and maintenance of our website. This is a valued assistance for an organization like ours that operates with many members in remote indigenous communities beyond the digital divide. As a non-profit Foundation working at this sensitive cross-cultural interface we believe that the .org domain should be managed by an international, non-profit organization with a depth of experience over many years in understanding and interacting with the global civil society.”

“We believe that our support will assist all peoples to share their knowledge, wisdom and understand of each other so we can become joint custodians of the Earth.”

Diana James, Director

International Development Research Centre (IDRC / CRDI), Canada

“IDRC is a Crown Corporation, owned by the Government of Canada, with a mandate to help the developing regions of the world promote their economic and social development through research. For over thirty years, IDRC has been a leader among donor agencies in promoting the use of information and communication technologies for development. It is one of our three main program areas.”

“IDRC has been an innovator in the integration of Information and Communication Technologies within our programming in the developing world. We feel that the developing world needs to contribute to the growth and development of the dot.org domain and to the governance it engenders. Our support to the UIA submission is to pursue this goal.”

Richard P. Fuchs, Director

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Centre for Civil Society (CCS), UK

“CCS is a teaching and research unit at the London School of Economics, and has over the years worked very closely with UIA, in particular in relation to the Global Civil Society Yearbook (Oxford University Press).”

The Centre for Civil Society seeks to improve understanding of the set of organisations located between the market, the state and household institutions that are variously referred to as non-governmental, voluntary, non-profit, or third-sector organisations, foundations, and social enterprises. These institutions are part of a wider civil society and form a social economy of private organisations serving public purposes.

Helmut Anheir, Director

Development Alternatives, India
Développer autrement / Development Alternatives, Canada

Development Alternatives has, over the past 20 years, established a worldwide reputation for its work in the field of information technology, particularly as they relate to the issues of sustainable development. Development Alternatives and its associate organisations operate as not- for-profit entities with activities that range from research and policy advocacy to grass roots action Its information systems, including DAInet and TARAhaat are among the premier resources on technology and institutional design for Third World development.”

Ashok Khosla, President and Member of UIA

Vision 2002

“Vision 2002” is a Brussels based think tank reflecting on the paradigm shift worldwide and its implications for European and World policies. We know UIA since many years and are really admirative of the quality and intelligent way they are managing the exceptional amount of information they have on civil society worldwide. In our opinion they are among the best information centres on civil society and non-commercial associations in the world, and they are also of first rank for the knowledge management methods they use and master.”

Marc Luyckx, Director and Member UIA

American Council for the United Nations University (UNU) / Millennium Project

The UNU’s mission is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are the concern of the United Nations, its Peoples and Member States. It has four key roles: (1) An international community of scholars (2) A bridge between the United Nations and the international academic community (3) A think-tank for the United Nations system and (4) A builder of capacities, particularly in developing countries.

“I hope UIA wins, and that it uses the opportunity bring the NGO world more delebrately into feedback systems to improve collective intelligence. And draw on people like Francis Heylighen and his Global Brain group, Doug Engelbart and his improvement communities concepts, and others that once you win, I'd be happy to connect.”

Jerome C Glenn, Executive Director, American Council/United Nations University and Director, AC/UNU/Millennium Project on Global Futures Research

Welsh Institute for Heath and Social Care (WIHSC), School of Care Sciences, University of Glamorgan

“WIHSC’s efforts are dedicated to improving quality of life through integrating the efforts of statutory, voluntary and private sector organisations. Based in the University of Glamorgan, the Institute provides a forum for the integration of health and social care founded on well-researched evidence. Our focus is on the development and application of organizational and practice-based innovations. Our relationship with the UIA has arisen through our shared interest in networks.”

WIHSC is a WHO Collaborating Centre for Regional Health Strategy & Management Development in Europe.

Morton Warner, Professor and Director, Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care

Transnational Research Institute - Knowlton, Canada

“We are a network of member institutions as well as a co- operative of associated with the object to sensitise and educate the populations at large in terms of sustainable development issues. A recent list of organisations with which we have common fronts number of 700.”

“Itself a funnel for a world-wide constituency of over 40,000 non-governmental organisations, the UIA has developed, beyond well-recognised competence and merit, the kind of insights that are so necessary on our way to 2100. The vision which animates the UIA Research and Communications Directorate is at the forefront of the kind of scanning that is now essential to bind the often disparate efforts of its constituent organisations: not that the UIA is a union in any physical sense but rather in the reach it has in leading and representing the interests of peoples throughout the world.”

“We strongly believe that under UIA’s stewardship, the yet sometimes casual or even opportunistic assemblies of civil society can reach critical mass through the use of world-class internet services. In servicing such multitudes of registrant and end-users, UIA can play a very much needed oversight which will guarantee the integrity of the .org domain. With its own network of sympathizers, such as we claim to be, UIA could extend the .org web of non-commercial entities and assist dramatically in making the sites secure and efficient.”

“A casual glance at UIA’s 2001-2002 Yearbook (5 Vols, Guide to Civil Society Networks) should be sufficient to draw world- wide acclaim and appropriate recognition for the team led by Anthony Judge. To be entrusted with the responsibility which is the object of this note, is a natural step that ICANN should see as the dawn of a well-deserved partnership.

“In closing, this is to confirm that we shall wholeheartedly assist UIA in following through the successful outcome of their proposal.“

Christian de Laet, President and Member of Executive Council, UIA

European Partners for the Environment (EPE)

EPE is associated with UIA though our organizations’ mutual location in Brussels.

“EPE is a multi- stakeholder forum, which builds the ground for consensus on sustainability, on which members can more confidently plan actions. EPE serves as a catalyst, in Europe and around the world, to achieve into the future a better balance between the environmental, social and economic elements of life. Dialogue built through long-term relationships between partners, and strengthened by trust, leads to common practical action.”

Raymond van Ermen, Executive Director

Centre for Energy, Petroleum Law, Minerals and Policy (CEPLMP), University of Dundee, UK

“I am head of the international business programme, CEPMPL/University of Dundee. We are an academic institution providing graduate studies, research, training and advisory service in the area of international economic law. I am also the coordinator of ENATRES, a global, internet-based discussion forum for natural resources, energy and international economic regulation with a global membership of 353 members in 60 countries.”

My relationship with UIA is through personal associations with the International Council for Oil and the Environment.

Thomas Wälde, Professor

Earth Pledge Foundation, USA

“The Earth Pledge Foundation is a nonprofit organization that originated as a United Nations committee chaired by Theodore W Kneel to promote interest in the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. Our primary approach is to develop creative educational projects and bring together voices to foster sustainable solutions that are useful to professionals and the public.”

Marisha Shibuya, Project Director and Member of UIA

GIVE Forschungsgesellschaft, Austria

“The GIVE Research Association is promoting interdisciplinary research between the field of telematics with issues of social and spatial development. This research is catalyses by the quest for feasible and attractive models of local economies, biospheres, societal diversification and sustainable resource use. We thin that information technology holds the key to substantial augmentation and equity in regional development – and global development is mainly the sum of myriads of local actions. As a research association we are a non-profit group with tax-favoured status by Austrian law and networked with many other NPOs.”

Franz Nahrada, Director

Global Action Plan International (GAP International)
Föreningen Global Action Plan, Sweden

“Global Action Plan is an international community of NGOs with the aim of “Empowering individuals to live increasingly sustainably”. Global Action Plan is currently active in 20 countries.”

“We anticipate becoming involved in some capacity to help UIA define and pursue the principles, policies and activities that will best serve the interests of the global non-commercial community. We have been unable to make any formal commitments in this regard within the tight proposal timetable established by ICANN. Nevertheless, it is our hope that ICANN will consider our informal expression of interest and support in evaluation UIA’s proposal.”

Marilyn Mehlmann, Secretary General pro tem, GAP International and Member UIA
Alexander Mehlmann, Director, Föreningen Global Action Plan

Global Ecovillage Network Oceania/Asia Inc (GENOA)
Global Ecovillage Network of Europe (GEN-Europe)

“The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is a grass roots non profit organisation formed in 1994 to link ecovillages and related projects worldwide. We aim to create and promote viable human settlements that allow people to live health, fulfilled lives in harmony with the environment, as well as providing work opportunities and financial security. The ecovillages who currently form GEN are well on the way to achieving these aims.

GEN International, an NGO with special consultative status at the UN-Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) commission, and a partner of United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). GEN has three regional administrative centres. The Oceania/Asia regions – serving Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific (including Hawaii) and all of Asia is based in Crystal Waters Permaculture Village, Australia.“

Max O Lindegger, Programme Director, Global Ecovillage Network (Oceania/Asia) Inc
Agnieszka Komoch, President, GEN-Europe

European Society for Environment and Development (ESED)

ESED is an international NGO under Belgian law, drawing membership from distinguished environmental practitioners who are seeking new conceptual balances between economic development and environmental protection. It was founded under the name of IACEC and organized over the years not less than 36 international conferences in the EU and USA.

“We share UIA’s vision for the .org top-level domain, and believe that the UIA through its stewardship can assist the global noncommercial community to communicate efficiently and effectively through the use of world-class Internet services.”

Mark Dubrelle, President

Libra Centre, Russia

Consulting and Training Centre ”Libra” is a Russian autonomous non-profit NGO, registerd in St. Petersburg. The mission of the organization is to promote sustainable development of individuals and organizations through consulting, education and training. The main activities of the Libra Centre are: environmental and social awareness-rasising; psychological education, training and counselling; community development; management training and consulting for non-profit organizations.

Yelena Yemelina, Director


POWER aims to provide a high quality service providing prostheses free of charge to all those in need in low-income countries. POWER runs projects in Vietnam, Laos and Mozambique, and includes the “International Limb Project.

“Just got back from a few days holiday - very sorry. I did not get the message from you in time to action it. I hope that you have good luck (what an exciting venture) and wish you every success with the idea and its implementation.”

Centro Italiano per le Assocatiazioni Inernazionali

“The Italian Centre for the International Associations is a non-profit organization founded by the UIA and other Italian partners (Municipality of Montecatini, Province of Pistoia, Foundation of Saving Cash of Pistoia and Pescia, Congress Palace of Montecatina and Prof Tibaldi) in order to “promote the international associations in Italy and activities and purposes of agencies and organizations of the United Nations system and of the INGOs established in Italy”.

“The support by the UIA to reach this aim was, is and will be essential because of its historical, scientific and cultural background and its special professional knowledge and competence which makes it the most qualified organization in the field at worldwide level. The Centre is cooperating with the United Nations Unviversity, Body of UNO General Assembly, with the professional and scientific support of the UIA.”

Prof. Gianni Tibaldi, President and Member of Executive Council, UIA

Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition (SVTC)

“I am sorry I received your request upon my return from INC-6 and could not respond in time. Good luck on the submission.”

“I did have a chance to share our IHEAL project with several members of IPEN and join a discussion of interactive electronic tools with Canadian development agency representatives in Geneva. Seeing how IFCS's Infocap site has slowly developed (over 6 years of work and still not ready for prime time) has again made me realise how much NGOs can offer with modest resources.”

“We will soon be adding National Toxics Network (Australia) and the HCB Community Database to the IHEAL site. I'll be announcing additional updates to the site shortly.”

Michael Stanley-Jones, Director of the Sustainable Water Program, SVTC and Co-Director, International Health and Environment Access Links (IHEAL)

Ananda Marga Gurukula

“Ananda Marga Gurukula serves as the Board of Education for Neo-Humanistic Schools and Institutes around the world.”

Dr. Shambhushivananda, Chancellor

Association belge des Eco -conseillers et Conseillers en Environnement (ABECE)

“The Belgian Association of Eco-counsellors (ABECE) is a non-profit association bringing together environmental professional working as advisers for local authorities and sectoral federations of professional and educations institutions, and helping shape regional and local environmental policies.”

Marcel van Meesche, Member of the Board

Support as represented by the NGO affiliations of Members of UIA

Please note this does not imply organizational support, rather that these people have been elected as Members of the UIAin recognition of their NGO associations and understanding of civil society and because they bring to UIA activities the perspectives and connections of their wider affiliations.

Anne-Marie Boutin
French Commission of UNESCO, Member
International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, President

Established in 1957 to advance the discipline of industrial design at the international level, ICSID is a non-profit, non- governmental organization supported by professional, promotional, educational, associate and corporate member societies on all continents. Through its Members, the direct audience of ICSID consists of approximately 150,000 professionals who, in turn, have an effective influence on tenfold more who work in and with the design profession.

Gianni Tibaldi
Italian Association for United Nations University, Secretary General
Secretariat of International Liaison and Research on Mental Health (Cooperating Centre with WHO)
International Society for Clinical Psychology, Former Vice- President

Margaret Bolton
National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO), Director, Policy and Research

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) is the umbrella body for the voluntary sector in England, with sister councils in Wales (Wales Council for Voluntary Action, WCVA) Scotland (Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, SCVO) Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland Council for Voluntary Action, NICVA). NCVO has a growing membership of over 2,000 voluntary organisations, ranging from large national bodies to community groups, volunteer bureaux and development agencies working at local level.

Nilda Bullain
International Feminist Network, Member
Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF), Hungary, Executive Director

The Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF) Hungary aims to strengthen nonprofit organizations and enhance their effective and sustainable development, thus enabling them to mobilize citizens and fulfil their significant societal roles in Hungary and in Eastern and Central Europe.

Simone van Beck
Susila Dharma International

Susila Dharma International (SDI) is a non-governmental organization whose worldwide members support and carry out social and humanitarian projects. SDI's mandate is to build human capacity by facilitating partnerships, education, training, and funding.

Anne Duhamel von Moos
Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne (EPFL), Maitrise en management environmental

The EPFL is dedicated to educating students in science and technology and to leading world class scientific research in cooperation with many partners.

Mabrouk Ridha
Nadi Al Bassar (North African Centre for Sight), President
International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, Co-Chairman

Marybeth Morsink
Working Group on Women and Development Education Conference of NGOs in Consultative Status with ECOSOC, Geneva, Chair
Health Action International, Consultant
Consumers International (CI), Representative

Consumers International is a worldwide non-profit federation of consumer organisations, dedicated to the protection and promotion of consumer interests.

Rama Mani
Commission on Global Governance, Former Senior External Relations Officer
Oxfam (UK), Regional Policy Co-ordinator for Ethiopia and Horn of Africa

Mary Racelis
Ford Foundation, Former Head of Office, Philippines
Community Organizers Multiversity (Philippines), President

CO MULTIVERSITY is a capability building institution that has a broader perspective on the empowerment process. The organization aims to respond to the difficult challenges faced by the marginalized communities to address the impact of poverty due to the globalization process. The learning processes of the training modules are based on the lessons of the past and guided by the new issues of the present which confronts many people’s organizations and development NGOs especially on the questions of strategies and tactics of empowerment, the use of power, empowering dispute resolution management processes and peace and development questions in Mindanao.

Daphneé L Romy -Masliah
Centres d'Etudes et de Recherche: Fondements du Droit Public (CER/FDP) (Switzerland)
Controlled Release Society, Former Manager

The Controlled Release Society is a multi-disciplinary society dedicated to the science and technology of controlled release and delivery and promoting education by releasing science to deliver a better future. It serves 3,000 members from more than 50 countries. Two-thirds of the CRS membership represents industry and one-third represents academia and government.

Marton Lengyel
Center Touristical Research, University of Budapest (Hungary), Chief
Club of Budapest, Secreatry- General

The main target of the Club of Budapest is: to be a catalyst for the transition to a sustainable world through: promoting the emergence of planetary consciousness; and furthering projects that exemplify planetary consciousness

Mircea Malitza
Future Studies Commission of the Romanian Academy, President
European Cultural Centre, Bucharest, Vice-President
Black Sea University, President and Professor of International Relations
World Acadamy of Arts and Sciences (WAAS), Member
Club of Rome, Member

The Club of Rome is a global think tank and centre of innovation and initiative. As a non-profit, non govermental organisation (NGO), it brings together scientists, economists, businessmen, international high civil servants, heads of state and former heads of state from all five continents who are convinced that the future of humankind is not determined once and for all and that each human being can contribute to the improvement of our societies.

Anthony Milburn
International Association on Water Quality (UK), Executive Director

The International Water Association (IWA) is a global network of water professionals, spanning the continuum between research and practice and covering all facets of the water cycle.

Yolanda Kakabadse
High Level Advisory Group, Sustainable Development, World Bank, Member
WWF International, Member of Board of Directors
Fundación Futuro Latinoamericano (FFLA), Executive Director

FFLA fosters the attainment of sustainable development in Latin America through participatory decision-making processes (policy dialogue, conflict management); bridge institutional gaps which limit sustainable development perspectives; help remedy lack of communication and information which obstructs implementation of public and private action in the field.

Dr Esperanza Durán
Agency for International Trade Information and Cooperation AITIC (Switzerland), Director

Michael W Hill
International Federation for Information and Documentation (UK), Former President

Anwar Fazal
International Organization of Consumer

This is unfinished … we hope we have made our point. See our full list of UIA members.