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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Organizations relating to Birds

European Cetacean Bycatch Campaign
International Miniature Trotting and Pacing Association / Est. 1992
International Llama Association / Est. 1982
ESF Network on Quaternary Mammalian Faunas / Est. 1991
European Horse Hosting Centre
People Against Chimpanzee Experiments / Est. 1991
European College of Equine Internal Medicine / Est. 2000
International Breeding Consortium for St Vincent Parrot
International Federation of Goat Breeding / Est. 1925
Association of Central American Agro-Cattle Producers for Cooperation and Development, Nicaragua
Zebra Information Centre / Est. 1988
World Equine Veterinary Association / Est. 1985
Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use of the Saiga Antelope - Saiga Tatarica Tatarica / Est. 2005
Agreement on the Conservation of Seals in the Wadden Sea / Est. 1990
International Wader Study Group / Est. 1970
African Love Bird Society / Est. 1976
BirdLife International / Est. 1922
International Water Rescue Dog Academy / Est. 1999
Raptor Research Foundation / Est. 1966
Oriental Gamefowl Club International
Association générale internationale des commerces du bétail et des viandes
Australasian Primate Society / Est. 1982
European Foundation Il Nibbio / Est. 1988
International Register for the White Eared Pheasant / Est. 1970
Eurogroup Against Bird Crime

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World Problems relating to Birds

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Threatened species of Leucopternis
Threatened species of Arborophila
Threatened species of Arborophila crudigularis
Threatened species of Arborophila atrogularis
Threatened species of Arborophila charltonii
Threatened species of Arborophila mandellii
Threatened species of Arborophila gingica
Threatened species of Arborophila ardens
Threatened species of Tachybaptus
Threatened species of Tachybaptus pelzelnii
Threatened species of Lophura
Threatened species of Mycteria leucocephala
Threatened species of Mycteria
Threatened species of Didunculus strigirostris
Threatened species of Columbidae
Threatened species of Numenius tahitiensis
Threatened species of Numenius
Threatened species of Lamprotornis cupreocauda
Threatened species of Goura scheepmakeri
Threatened species of Otus colombianus
Threatened species of Tyto inexspectata
Threatened species of Chrysolophus pictus
Threatened species of Leptotila wellsi
Threatened species of Black partridge
Threatened species of Pithecophaga jefferyi

Action Strategies relating to Birds

From the Encyclopedia of World Problems and Human Potential

Protecting birds
Conserving endangered species of birds
Breeding birds
Shooting migrant birds
Protecting migratory birds
Fostering breastfeeding
Protecting bird populations
Protecting wetland ecosystems
Surveying bird populations
Creating special protection areas for wild birds
Studying bird diseases
Monitoring accumulation of pollutants in freshwater wildlife
Conserving raptors
Protecting waterbirds
Beginning milk production farm
Reducing threat of birds to aircraft safety
Threatening waterfowl
Advancing avian medicine
Treating infected birds
Establishing standards on milk and milk products
Drafting western palaearctic waterfowl agreement
Constructing hygienic milking facility
Conserving marine avifauna
Farming birds

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