Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

No Poverty

Eradicating extreme poverty for all people everywhere by 2030 is a pivotal goal of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Extreme poverty, defined as surviving on less than $2.15 per person per day at 2017 purchasing power parity, has witnessed remarkable declines over recent decades.

However, the emergence of COVID-19 marked a turning point, reversing these gains as the number of individuals living in extreme poverty increased for the first time in a generation by almost 90 million over previous predictions.

Even prior to the pandemic, the momentum of poverty reduction was slowing down. By the end of 2022, nowcasting suggested that 8.4 per cent of the world’s population, or as many as 670 million people, could still be living in extreme poverty. This setback effectively erased approximately three years of progress in poverty alleviation.

If current patterns persist, an estimated 7% of the global population – around 575 million people – could still find themselves trapped in extreme poverty by 2030, with a significant concentration in sub-Saharan Africa.

A shocking revelation is the resurgence of hunger levels to those last observed in 2005. Equally concerning is the persistent increase in food prices across a larger number of countries compared to the period from 2015 to 2019. This dual challenge of poverty and food security poses a critical global concern.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Alliance Sud, Swiss Alliance of Development Organisations Swissaid - Catholic Lenten Fund - Bread for All - Helvetas - Caritas - Interchurch Aid

1971 Bern Switzerland G f


2000 Brussels Belgium F y

Alliances for Africa

AfA 1996 Lagos Nigeria G

Allied Coordination Committee

ACC 1944 F

Alpha Charitable Foundation

1992 North York ON Canada N f




Brussels Belgium F y

AMAR International Charitable Foundation

AICF 1995 London UK G f

Amendment of Article Seven of the Inter-American Amateur Radio Service Convention

1988 Washington DC USA T g

America-Mideast Educational and Training Services

AMIDEAST 1951 Washington DC USA G

American Friends Service Committee

AFSC 1917 Philadelphia PA USA G

American Jewish World Service

AJWS 1985 New York NY USA G


1977 Brussels Belgium D

Amnesty International

AI 1961 London UK B

Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems

AnaEE-ERIC 2022 Gif-sur-Yvette France E

Ananda Marga Yoga Society

1955 Kolkata India R

Andheri-Hilfe, Bonn

1967 Bonn Germany G

Anglican Alliance

London UK E

Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia

Auckland New Zealand E

Anglican Overseas Aid

1988 Melbourne VIC Australia G

Animal Liberation Front

ALF 1976 Los Angeles CA USA F

Animal Production and Health Commission for Asia and the Pacific

APHCA 1975 Bangkok Thailand E g

Anne Frank Fonds

AFF 1963 Basel Switzerland G f

Anti-Persoonsmijnen Ontmijnende Productontwikkeling

APOPO 1998 Antwerp Belgium G

APEC Port Services Network

APSN 2008 Beijing China E

Appel aide aux enfants victimes de conflits

1969 Paris France G

Appel détresse

1974 La Chapelle-sur-Erdre France N

APRACA Consultancy Services

ACS 1990 Jakarta Indonesia K

APT Action on Poverty

1984 Bristol UK G


2011 Omaha NE USA G

Arab Campaign for Education for All

ACEA Ramallah Palestine F

Arab Centre for Social Insurance, Khartoum

1980 Khartoum Sudan K g

Arab Centre for the Independence of the Judiciary and the Legal Profession

ACIJLP 1997 Cairo Egypt G

Arab Council for Childhood and Development

ACCD 1987 Cairo Egypt D y

Arab Federation of Surveyors

2002 Beirut Lebanon D

Arab Forum for Alternatives


Arab Foundations Forum

AFF 2006 Amman Jordan F y

Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

AFESD 1968 Kuwait Kuwait F fg

Arab Geophysical Exploration Services Company

AGESCO 1984 Tripoli Libya F eg

Arab Gulf Programme for United Nations Development Organizations

AGFUND 1981 Riyadh Saudi Arabia F fg

Arab Petroleum Services Company

APSCO 1975 Tripoli Libya K eg

Arab Press Freedom Watch


Arab Society for Academic Freedom

2008 J

Arab Society for Academic Freedoms

ASAF 2008 Amman Jordan D

Arab Towns Development Fund

ATDF 1979 Kaifan Kuwait F f

Arabic Alliance for Freedom and Democracy

AAFD Cairo Egypt J

Arbeiterwohlfahrt International

AWO International 1998 Berlin Germany G

Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Entwicklungsdienste

AGdD Bonn Germany G y

Arca Foundation

1952 Washington DC USA G f

Architects Regional Council Asia

ARCASIA 1979 Singapore Singapore F