Global Civil Society & the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies

Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions

The threats of international homicide, violence against children, human trafficking and sexual violence are important to address to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. They pave the way for the provision of access to justice for all and for building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

While homicide and trafficking cases have seen significant progress over the past decade, there are still thousands of people at greater risk of intentional murder within Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa and around Asia. Children’s rights violations through aggression and sexual violence continue to plague many countries around the world, especially as under-reporting and lack of data aggravate the problem.

To tackle these challenges and build a more peaceful, inclusive societies, there needs to be more efficient and transparent regulations put in place and comprehensive, realistic government budgets. One of the first steps towards protecting individual rights is the implementation of worldwide birth registration and the creation of more independent national human rights institutions around the world.

Name Acronym Founded City HQ Country/Territory HQ Type I Type II

Fund for Global Human Rights

2003 Washington DC USA G f

Fund for Nonviolence

1997 Santa Cruz CA USA G f

Fund for Peace

FFP 1957 Washington DC USA G f

Fund for Reconciliation and Development

FRD 1985 Dobbs Ferry NY USA G f

Fundação Gonçalo da Silveira

FGS 2004 Lisbon Portugal G f

Fundació Pau i Solidaritat - CCOO de Catalunya

1991 Barcelona Spain G f

Fundación Comunidad Esperanza y Justicia Internacional

FUNCEJI 2007 J f

Fundación de Comunicaciones Latinoamericanas David Livingston

Fundalivingston 2007 Guatire Venezuela G f

Fundación Directorio Legislativo

2007 G f

Fundación Global Democracia y Desarrollo

FUNGLODE 2000 Santo Domingo Dominican Rep G f

Fundación Hastinapura

1981 Buenos Aires Argentina F fv

Fundación Henry Dunant América Latina

FuHD - AL 2006 Santiago Chile F f

Fundación Iberoamérica Europa Centro de Investigación, Promoción y Cooperación Internacional

CIPIE 1981 Madrid Spain F f

Fundación Instituto para las Negociaciones Agricolas Internacionales

INAI 1999 Buenos Aires Argentina G f

Fundación Internacional para la Libertad

FIL 2002 F f

Fundación Internacional Planeta Libre

1996 Caracas Venezuela G f

Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Politicas Públicas

FIIAPP 1997 Madrid Spain D f

Fundación Latinoamericana por los Derechos Humanos y el Desarrollo Social

FUNDALATIN 1978 Caracas Venezuela F f

Fundación Migrantes y Refugiados sin Fronteras

Santa Fé Argentina J f

Fundación Mundubat

Mundubat 1988 Bilbao Spain G

Fundación por la Europa de los Ciudadanos

FEC 2001 Madrid Spain G f

Fundación Seminario de Investigación para la Paz

SIP 1984 Saragossa Spain N f

Funding for Peace Coalition

FPC 2003 Rochford UK G


1983 Barcelona Spain G f

Future Africa Forum

Nairobi Kenya F

Future Convention Cities Initiative

FCCI 2010 Seoul Korea Rep F

Future for Elephants

Hamburg Germany G

G-20Y Association

Geneva Switzerland F c

G20 Interfaith Forum Association

IF20 2014 E c

Gaian Democracy Network

2002 London UK G

Galizan Institute for International Security and Peace Studies

2005 La Coruña Spain G j

Gandhi Centre for the Service of Life and Humanity

1975 Brussels Belgium G

Gandhi International

2006 Aix-en-Provence France G

Garapen Bidean - Human Rights and Development

Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain G

Gaston Z Ortigas Peace Institute

GZO-PI 1991 Quezon City Philippines G j

Gather the Women Global Matrix

GTW Pleasant Hill CA USA N

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

Gavi 2000 Le Grand-Saconnex Switzerland F

GCC Accreditation Center

GAC Riyadh Saudi Arabia E g

Gemini Observatory

Alexandria VA USA F

Gender Links

GL 2001 Johannesburg South Africa D

Gender Summit

2011 London UK F c


G5+ Brussels Belgium F v

GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice

GenderCC Berlin Germany C y

General Act of Arbitration: Pacific Settlement of International Disputes

1928 T g

General Act of Conciliation, Arbitration and Judicial Settlement

1929 T g

General Act Relative to African Slave Trade, 1885

1885 T g

General Agreement on Economic Regulations for International Road Transport

1954 T g

General Agreement on Privileges and Immunities of the Council of Europe

1949 Strasbourg France T g

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, 1947

GATT 1947 1947 T g

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, 1994

GATT 1994 1994 T g