Targets IACHS

I am Rasool Ali Babaei,
the CEO of the International Cardio Association
my activities are in the international arena.
Iam in contact with organizations such as Sport Accord, as well as the
world’s major sports organizations.
I have different responsibilities in sports and management. At the
moment, my focus is on the development of cardio sports. I think the

needs of the people of the world, especially in the current situation,
are to reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, and prevent
According to my research, heart health is a priority and cardio
exercises can play an important role in developing health.
The International Cardio Association has been established with a clear
definition and is developing and training cardio movements that:
1- Without using tools
2- All sections of society from the young to the elderly can work these
movements at different levels
3- Beginners and professionals can work in this field
4- Sports without additional costs and high
5- Available to everyone
6- Easy training for everyone
7- Paying attention to the importance of the cardiovascular system in
the society as well as for public and private organizations
8- Reducing medical and life expenses
9- Creating freshness and vitality in the society
10- Having a healthy heart is an inalienable right for all people in the
society, which can be done in the society by developing cardio exercises
and creating a culture of easy, accessible and low-cost cardio.
At Cardio, we do not aim to be champions and develop professional sports
The purpose of competitions is to excuse people and motivate them to exercise
The main purpose of the Cardio Association:
Prevention of cardiovascular problems and easy education for all members of society
We do this in any way we can