Types of International Organization

Preoccupational character

It is interesting to split off from the complete range of international organizations those bodies which can usefully be grouped in terms of some general preoccupation (as contrasted with a more conventional classification by subject).

4.4.1 Defence and national security: This is a well-defined group of bodies:

  • Warsaw Treaty Organization
  • South-East Asia Treaty Organization
  • Anzus Council
  • Arab Deterrent Force
  • United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon

4.4.2 Commodity: Again this is a well-defined group of bodies (27):

  • International Sugar Organization
  • Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

4.4.3 Product: This is a less clearly defined group when the concern is with a specific product rather than with the relevant manufacturing industry or trade.

  • European Centre for Carbon Black
  • European Cement Association

A special case arises with proprietary products:

  • International Frisbee Association
  • International Yngling Class Association
  • International Mistral Class Association
  • Formula One Constructors Association

4.4.4 Industrial economic process: There are numerous organizations related to manufacturing or extractive industries:

  • International Group of National Associations of Manufacturers of Agrochemical Products
  • International Group of Manufacturers of Wallpaper

These are often closely related to trade associations.

  • International Federation of Meat Traders Associations
  • International Cocoa Trades Federation

There is also a group concerned with services and delivery of skills.

  • European Federation of Productivity Services
  • International Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
  • International Foodservice Distributors Association

Finally there is a further group of employer organizations, possibly associated with particular industries.

  • International Organization of Employers

4.4.5 Occupation: Directly related to many of the industrial or economic processes noted in the previous type there are trade unions and professional organizations:

  • International Federation of Petroleum and Chemical Workers
  • Trade Unions International of Workers in the Metal Industries
  • International Bar Association
  • International Bankers Association

In addition for economic occupations there are organizations associated with social and recreational activities.

  • International Senior Citizens Association
  • International Amateur Rugby Federation

4.4.6 Technique: Some occupations and processes have distinct techniques or methods associated with them which may be the preoccupation of an international organization.

  • International Committee on High-Speed Photography
  • International Waterproofing Association

Some may be named after particular individuals:

  • International Rorschach Society

4.4.7 Research: Many international organizations are concerned with general or specific areas of research or study, whether in science and technology or in art and culture.

  • International Astronomical Union
  • International Union for the Study of Social Insects
  • International Association for the Study of Ancient Mosaics
  • International Federation for Theatre Research

4.4.8 Social amelioration: Some international organizations have always been preoccupied with improving society, whether through social welfare in developed societies, general development and aid programmes in the less developed countries, or in the form of crisis relief.

  • International Council on Social Welfare
  • International Council of Voluntary Agencies
  • League of Red Cross Societies

4.4.9 Value or Belief Propagation: Many international organizations are primarily concerned with the widespread propagation of particular values or beliefs.

  • International League for the Rights of Man
  • Christian Peace Conference
  • Salvation Army
  • World Council of Churches