Policy Alternation for Development

Development as Discontinuous Societal Learning

Anthony Judge
Cyclic transformation of the global answer economy

Prepared (1982) for United Nations University: GPID Project (Integrative Working Group B) Colombo, 25 July - 4 August 1982. An alternative version was distributed as Developing through Complexity using Policy Alternation (1982).

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  • Introduction
  • Questionable answers
  • Forms of truth
  • Accumulative answers
  • Developing a new "meta-answer"
  • Decodification of analyses of capital accumulation
  • "New International Conceptual Order"
  • Accumulation and development
  • Development of accumulation
  • Domains of significance
  • Beyond method
  • Constraints on a meta-answer
  • Containing discontinuity through aesthetics
  • Third persective "container"
  • Discontinuity: Comprehension and internalisation
  • Pattern accumulation in a learning society
  • Meta-answer patterning
  • Implications for organisation: learning cycles
  • Implications for forms of presentation
  • Implications for information processing
  • Conclusions
  • References