UNAccc Signed the PM Modi Flagship Drone Didi Project to Train 1,50,000 Rural Women in Pan India

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is made and entered into on 04/05/2024, by and between: M/s. WOW Go Green LLP, having registered office at A - 1715, Green Fields, Faridabad – 121010, Haryana is the First Party of this MOU. The GST IN is 06AADFW9929P1Z8 AND Unity of Nations Action for Climate Change Council ( UNAccc ), hereinafter referred to as the "Trainer Provider", represented by Dr Jagannatha Patnaik , Global Chairman. UNACCC. (hereinafter referred to as "Partner"), Purpose: This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) establishes a cooperative relationship between Trainer and Partner. The purpose of this MOU is to outline the collaboration for conducting drone training programs at various locations in India. Trainer will provide expertise in drone operation and training, while Partner will supply the necessary trainees and infrastructure WHEREAS: The Government of India has launched the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme ( as Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji Initiative to Empored Rural Women's ) aimed at empowering women members of Self-Help Groups (SHGs) through the subsidized provision and use of drones for agricultural purposes. The Training Partner seeks to facilitate training to eligible beneficiaries of the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme across various locations in India, ensuring proficient use and maintenance of drones in agricultural applications. The Trainer Provider is equipped with the necessary expertise, resources, and authorization to provide comprehensive drone pilot training and certification. NOW, THEREFORE, the parties agree as follows: 1. Objective: The objective of this MOU is to establish a collaborative arrangement between the Training Partner and the Trainer Provider for the purpose of providing effective training to women SHGs under the NAMO Drone Didi Scheme. 2. Responsibilities of the Trainer Provider: Coordinate with local government bodies and SHGs to facilitate the identification and registration of trainees. Provide logistical support including training venues, accommodations, and transport facilities for trainees. Handle marketing and awareness campaigns to promote training sessions. Manage registration fees, invoicing, and financial transactions related to the training. 3. Responsibilities of the Training Partner: Design and deliver a comprehensive training curriculum that includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills in drone operations, specifically tailored to agricultural applications. Provide qualified instructors and training materials. Conduct examinations and issue certificates to participants who successfully complete the training. Ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements related to drone training and operation. I. Scope of Cooperation. Training Program Details: Subjects Covered: RPTO License Training Program at DGCA Certified Centers. Basic drone operations, safety regulations, advanced maneuvering, and other relevant topics. Duration: Each training duration will depend on the program required and will be discussed as every training program in Drone is tailormade. Locations: Training will be conducted at locations provided by Partner across India. There are two types of Locations. DGCA Certified RPTO Drone Training Centers. Centers for Other Trainings can be created. Responsibilities: First Party: Will Provide qualified instructors and training materials. Develop course content and assessment tools. Ensure compliance with all applicable aviation and safety regulations. Second Party: Identify and enroll trainees for each training session. Provide training venues, necessary equipment, and logistical support. Coordinate with local authorities if necessary for conducting training sessions. Taking care of Financial agreed terms. 3. Duration and Location: The training programs will be conducted periodically as agreed upon by both parties, aiming to cover different regions of India where SHGs are active. Specific dates and locations for the training sessions will be planned and agreed upon in advance by both parties. 4. Financial Arrangements: The Second Party will collect a fee of Rs. 58,999 per participant, inclusive of all training-related expenses, which is to be paid to the First Party as per the agreed payment schedule. Incase the 2nd party is providing the funding / sponsorship then the cost will be borne by the Funds and the profit after expenditures will be equally distributed amongst both parties. Financial transactions shall be clear and transparent, with provisions for auditing by both parties. The scope of activities may further be extended as and when need arises. There will be a monthly remuneration or honorarium for the programme to the trainer provider. Revenue sharing pattern will be equally distributed to 1st and 2nd party (of Net Saving/Profit) for all joint assignment done by both parties. Net Saving / Profit: Surplus amount after completing all obligations / expenses for the project / assignment including payment to any third-party (ies) associate / partner. All revenue sharing will be done after deducting the GST liability. Individual tax liabilities (Income tax) shall be borne by each party. 5. Term of MOU: This MOU is effective from the date of signing and shall continue in effect for a period of three years unless terminated earlier by mutual written agreement of both parties. 6. Amendment and Termination: This MOU may be amended or terminated by mutual written agreement of the parties. In the event of termination, both parties shall settle any outstanding financial obligations. 7. Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Both parties agree to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations in the execution of their roles under this MOU. 8. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes arising out of or related to this MOU shall be resolved through bilateral negotiations. If a resolution cannot be reached, the dispute shall be settled through arbitration in accordance with the laws of India. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Memorandum of Understanding on the day and year first above written. IV. Signatures ( done This MOU is signed by the authorized representatives of the Trainer and Partner. Signature Signatures signed done on 10th May 202r