AI Regulation and Cybercrimes: ACFTI’s Member Gabriella Marcelja's Speech at the United Nations in Geneva

The Association of Cyber Forensics and Threat Investigators (ACFTI) is proud to announce that our member Gabriella Marcelja, CEO of SG Impact Ventures AG (Switzerland), and President of SIRIUS GLOBAL - Academic Diplomacy 4.0 (Rome, Italy) and the International Medical Community (IMC), delivered an address at the United Nations in Geneva earlier in March 2024.

Her engagement focused on the examination of the EU AI ACT — the world's first comprehensive AI regulation—and its implications for global AI governance, with a special emphasis on combating AI-powered cybercrime. The emphasis on AI-powered cybercrimes highlighted the pressing need for adaptable legal structures capable of preemptively addressing and mitigating emerging threats.

Gabriella's speech navigated the complexities of fostering innovation while ensuring security, accountability, and ethical compliance in AI applications, offering invaluable insights into the necessity of harmonizing legal frameworks on a global scale. Moreover, the unique challenges encountered in the MedTech field were specifically highlighted. Addressing the critical intersection of cybersecurity and medical technology, the discussion shed light on the increasing vulnerabilities within MedTech to AI-powered cyber threats. This discourse underscored the urgent need for tailored cybersecurity measures within MedTech to protect sensitive patient data and ensure the reliability and safety of AI-driven medical devices and applications.

Previously, Gabriella also delivered an address at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2023, held from October 8 to 12, 2023, in Kyoto, Japan, where her presentation, focusing on the dark web, emphasized the importance of inclusive, multistakeholder participation in shaping policies. These policies aim to tackle not only the technical complexities of AI and cyber threats, including those emanating from the dark web, but also to uphold fundamental human rights and ethical standards in the digital realm.

Our member's participation in these high-level discussions underscores ACFTI's dedication to leading the conversation on cyber forensics and threat investigations in the age of AI. To this end, ACFTI is excited to support and be represented in these significant dialogues and initiatives, reinforcing our mission to pioneer advanced methodologies and foster collaboration in the realm of cyber forensics and threat investigation. Our member's active involvement in shaping the discourse on AI regulation and cybercrime prevention is a testament to ACFTI's commitment to excellence and innovation in navigating the digital age's challenges.

The ACFTI board of directors wishes to extend its congratulations to Gabriella for her active involvement and eloquent speech delivered at the United Nations in Geneva in March and at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Japan. Gabriella's astute observations and profound knowledge were quite remarkable. The association highly values Gabriella's contribution to the conversation, as her views are expected to have a significant and enduring impact.