EDU Accreditation awarded to ISTU

ISTU prioritizes disadvantaged groups such as the disabled, veterans, victims of war, and terrorism. Institution: INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY UNIVERSITY ​EDU Accreditation: 16 Jan 2024 - 16 Jan 2028 A unique, online higher education establishment that recognizes education as a fundamental component of development, asserts that every individual has a universal right and freedom to access education, and employs technology to enable individuals to receive education independent of time and location. A Pioneering Initiative in Barrier-Free Education ISTU aims to provide a 100% full scholarship to all prospective students within its target thematic group. The Global Power Union covers 50% of the annual education fee announced at entrance to the university for each candidate able to demonstrate membership in a specified group. The remaining 50% is covered by a relevant regional, national, or international funding sources. All students pay the same tuition fee for the relevant period at the time of registration, and this fee does not increase as the semesters progress. It is important to note that information is a valuable resource in today's globalized world.