International Forum on Sericulture Silk Industry Development Trend was Held in Lyon, France

On November 15, during the "Silk in Lyon", the "International Forum on Sericulture Silk Industry Development Trend", organized by International Silk Union(ISU), Silky Cities, and Silk in Lyon, was successfully held in Lyon, France. Representatives from 16 countries and regions, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, Japan, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ghana, Romania, Spain, Pakistan, Uganda, Kenya, and China, with nearly 150 ISU members and silk industry representatives from various countries, participated in the forum offline or online.

The first half of the forum focused on the theme of "Silk Sustainability," with Xavier Lepingle, vice chairman of the ISU, vice president of UNITEX, CEO of Holding Textile Hermès, and Renata Amano, vice chairwoman of the ISU, president of Brazilian Silk Association, COO of BRATAC, serving as moderators.

A.Prof. Xu Jianmei delivered a keynote presentation on the “research progress on LCA for silk products” from the perspectives of research background, carbon footprint study, water footprint study, ecotoxcity and human toxicity study, transferring between carbon footprint and water footprint, and standardization work. And a technical report titled "Rules for carbon footprint of mulberry silk products-Requirements and specification for quantification" has been released.

Chiara Cappelletti presented a theme report on the "research progress on LCA of Italian silk products" covering the concepts and relevant standards of LCA, research methods and exist problems for silk product LCA, and collaborative LCA research on cocoon silk products between China and Italy.

Pierric CHALVIN introduced the topic of "preserving water resources in the French silk industry” covering aspects such as water use in France, frequent droughts, new regulations, water usage situation of silk enterprises, and opportunities for the future of the textile industry.

Joao Berdu delivered a presentation on "silk, sustainability, and emotional durability" discussing the relevant work done by ISU and ISC LCA experts, sustainability and government legislation, actions in the bottom of fashion pyramid towards sustainability, sustainability in the top of fashion pyramid, emotional durability and the image of silk in the mind of millennial, emotional durability and circularity enhancing sericulture.

Dr. Amit Kumar presented a theme report on the "LCA research of Indian sericulture and silk industry", providing a comparative analysis of LCA data collection and research progress in silkworm and silk in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions of India.

Prof. Wang Laili delivered a keynote report on "efforts for beautiful silk" covering the current status of environmental sustainability research on silk, relevant policies and standards, data research and analysis, and the "Beautiful Silk Index" system.

The second half of the forum focused on the theme of "Silk New Trends" with Chen Xiangping, vice chairman of the second council of ISU and honorary dean of the Sichuan Academy of Silk Sciences, serving as the moderator.

Zhou Yongzhong delivered a theme report on "the age of industrialized sericulture", covering the project background and market demand, the birth of Intelligent sericulture, research and development process of intelligent sericulture, intelligent industrial sericulture breeding, and the silkworm cocoons is not limited to silk.

Prof. Su Miao presented a theme report on "internationalization of silk education in ZSTU", covering an overview of ZSTU and its silk design and engineering major, national silk and textile training projects, international cooperation in professional talent cultivation, and other aspects.

Prof. He Ningjia presented a theme report on "deciphering the mulberry genome: empowering pioneering research on mulberry trees", covering topics such as the genetic resources of Chinese mulberry trees, genetic research on mulberry trees, database construction, and the overview of the State Key Laboratory of Resource Insects.

During the event, French fashion designer Arthur Hawkins created a series of live comic illustrations for the meeting, by integrating conference themes and report keywords, he summarized and reviewed the rich and exciting content of the series of meetings for participants.