Busan Unique Venues for Meetings, Relaxation and Culture

Visitors who come to Busan for MICE events also look for opportunities to experience the city’s culture and natural beauty. Every year, the Busan Tourism Organization (BTO) discovers and designates Busan Unique Venues, which are distinctive MICE assets found only in Busan. In 2023, three new Busan Unique Venues, each with its own unique charms, were selected to be the face of Busan’s MICE industry. If you’re looking to hold an event in the seaside city of Busan, at a memorable location that’s anything but ordinary, consider one of the following Unique Venues.

ClubD Oasis
Boasting a 60-meter-long infinity pool, ClubD Oasis is a premium resort, spa, and waterpark that overlooks all of Haeundae Beach, the hottest tourism destination in Busan. The resort is easily accessible via the advanced transportation infrastructure of downtown Busan, ensuring that your visit to ClubD Oasis is hassle-free. Although visitors can come just to enjoy the spa and waterpark, ClubD Oasis also has an apartment and hotel in the same building for longer stays. The resort’s Korean-style sauna facilities include salt, cypress wood, red clay, elvan stone, and ice therapy rooms for a healthy and relaxing experience. Host your next event at ClubD Oasis for a memorable day of rest and healing!

W. www.clubdoasis.com/en
T. 82.51.954.8840

hess 154
Chess 154 is a premium complex cultural space inspired by chess and jazz that is packed with unique sights, music, food, and drinks throughout its extensive interior. The complex’s wide selection of music, wine, and casual dining options are among the features that earned it its Unique Venue designation. Chess 154 is ideal for meetings, weddings, performances, and all kinds of MICE events of various sizes and is a particularly good choice for art lovers.

W. www.chess154.com
T. 82.51.742.0154

KT&G Sangsangmadang Busan
KT&G Sangsangmadang Busan, located in Seomyeon at the center of Busan, is a cultural complex spanning 13 aboveground floors and 5 basement floors. Home to a coffee shop, design store, performance hall, gallery, creator studio, hotel, and cinema, the cultural complex offers plenty of opportunities for artists and visitors to create and appreciate others’ creations. The spaces in KT&G Sangsangmadang Busan are laid out and kept updated to reflect current trends in art and culture. Representing a new MICE culture, KT&G Sangsangmadang Busan is an ideal venue for hosting events that combine multiple genres.

W. www.sangsangmadang.com/main/BS
E. spoon54312@interparktriple.com

These three new Unique Venues, each with their own distinct characteristics, will be partnering with the Busan Tourism Organization to promote Busan’s MICE industry to the world. Currently, there are 23 Unique Venues in Busan, along with a myriad of other facilities that can be used to host MICE events and incentive tours. For more information, visit the links below.

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