Business Travel: Best When Enjoyed Together

If you’re planning to visit Busan for business or other events, don’t forget to bring along your loved ones! Busan offers a wide array of attractions and entertainment options for travelers. In this newsletter, we will introduce you to a broad range of tour courses—from kid-friendly family activities and seaside tours filled with colorful buildings to dazzling nightscapes that are perfect for a romantic date. Come with us as we explore the MICE city of Busan, where business and tourism go hand in hand!

■ Family-Friendly Courses
Skyline Luge is an experiential amusement facility where you hop on a luge cart and race downhill, feeling the cool wind in your face, accompanied by the rush of adrenaline. To start your adventure, take the Skyride to the highest point of the luge track. As you wind your way downhill, navigating 30 different curves, you’ll also get to enjoy some prime, panoramic views of Osiria Theme Park and the surrounding sea. These safe and easy-to-operate luges are perfect for anyone 85 cm and taller (though minors must be accompanied by an adult) making them the perfect family-friendly activity for creating lasting memories. So, gather your family together and speed down this luge track for a thrilling ride that is anything but ordinary!

Brick Campus is a Lego museum showcasing the works of global Lego artists that uses artworks, spatial design, and media art to create an extraordinary brick art exhibition experience. Exhibits at the museum, crafted from Lego bricks, include impressive recreations of Gyeongbokgung Palace, Disney castles, and more. Also included are works by Korea’s only two “Certified Lego Artists,” who have joined together with other Lego artists to create the largest Lego diorama in Asia. At the museum’s interactive zone, you can even become a Lego artist and create your own masterpieces. Unleash your creativity and build something amazing with Legos!

KidZania is a children’s theme park where kids can experience different careers through play in vividly recreated environments. At KidZania, children can personally experience over 90 different occupations. The entire theme park is designed to be at children’s eye level, enhancing the museum’s many immersive and lifelike experiences. Since each activity may vary in terms of the number of allowed participants and duration, we recommend that you check the museum’s daily schedule before visiting. Even if your child wants to be a police officer today and a pilot tomorrow, KidZania allows them to explore their dreams and hopes to become whatever they want.

■ Date Tour Courses for Couples
Kangkangee Arts Village, located in Yeongdo, is named after the sound of a hammer scraping barnacles, paint, and rust off of boats during repairs. The village offers insights into the region’s modern industrial heritage and maritime culture. Various programs are available, including a maritime tour aboard the colorful Kangkangee boats and a village tour that talks about the village’s rich history and diverse artworks. Enjoy a leisurely walk in this harbor village brimming with historical and artistic treasures!

Known as the “Venice of Busan,” Janglim Harbor offers a picturesque seascape of colorful and charming buildings and small boats dotting the coastline. Janglim Harbor is a photographer’s dream, brimming with abundant opportunities to capture truly unique photos at every turn. There are even designated drone photography spots where you can capture distinctive aerial shots above Janglim Harbor. As you stroll along taking pictures, you’ll come across numerous local craft shops and eateries, making the harbor the ideal place to spend your entire day, all the way until sunset. Create unforgettable memories with your true love as you gaze out upon the beautiful scenery of Janglim Harbor, an area that promises a picture-perfect scene at any time of day.

If you love the view of Busan’s seas during the day, then don’t miss out on the city’s enchanting night views. Yongdusan Park, an iconic landmark in Busan’s original downtown area, is home to the Yongdusan Village, which offers many delectable food options, flea markets, and even a haunted house. The spine-tingling haunted house provides an instant escape from the midsummer night’s heat. Busan Tower also offers a stunning nightscape that can’t be missed. Between 6:00 pm and 8:50 pm, the Busan Tower’s observation deck comes alive with a vivid projection of a spectacular fireworks show, set against the backdrop of the night cityscape, that will leave you awestruck. If you’re looking for somewhere to spend a memorable night in Busan, look no further than Yongdusan Park.