More Than Making Contact

Making contacts with the unsaved is one thing. Sharing the gospel is something else. Where Craig & Debbie Borgard (Germany), many people are atheists. The Borgards wanted to elevate the monthly senior brunch conversation to a spiritual level. In October, when the opportunity arose, Debbie told about God’s goodness as she underwent multiple surgeries. They listened attentively. Then an unbeliever spoke up, talking about God, and asking questions. The door was wide open! Craig shared the gospel. Four hours later, they all agreed they needed to stop. They also agreed that they wanted to continue the discussion about God. In December, a growing believer encouraged an atheist: “Three years ago, I was exactly where you are, thinking and saying the same things. I know where you’re coming from.” She proceeded to tell how God had changed her life. As the Borgards pray for hearts to open to the gospel, they are now starting to meet individually with members of the group!