Fields of activity

- Supporting and encouraging Arab creators and innovators in various fields. - Supporting the confidence of Arab youth in their mind and their ability to achieve and innovate. - Organizing Arab and international conferences on community development, dialogue of civilizations, tolerance, and other goals that transcend Arab culture and creativity. - Activating and supporting public festivals, meetings, forums, seminars, and intellectual, cultural, creative, and artistic awards in all Arab countries. - Consolidating the concept of belonging and emphasizing the Arab identity through artistic festivals, as the union owns the intellectual property of several specialized festivals that it has been organizing since 2004 (the national song - the religious song - the young Arab creator - the creative Arab woman). - Upgrading the culture of the Arab peoples through culture, arts and creativity. - Activating public concerts, organizing Arab cultural and artistic festivals, and reviving popular heritage. - Supporting the Arabic language in Arab and international forums. - Work to consolidate Arab cultural relations and dissolve the borders between the people of the Arab world. - Spreading awareness of intellectual property and providing technical advice that contributes to resolving related disputes. - Developing and training all talents in various fields, shedding light on them and giving vent to their creative energy. - Supporting the acquisition of science and knowledge through specialized training courses. - Launching targeted community initiatives that contribute to achieving the sustainable development goals and the 2030 Agenda. - Establishing Arab and international partnerships that support the mission and goals of the Union. - Concerning to international issues such as (spreading awareness of digital transformation - spreading awareness of governance - recovery plan from the Covid 19 pandemic - spreading awareness of sustainable development - consolidating the concept of social responsibility). - Raising awareness about caring for the elderly and integrating people of disability into society through active participation in various activities. - Supporting the culture of women's empowerment and gender equality. - Shedding light on the leading Arab personalities and figures (Commanders and creators) in the field of intellect, culture and art, which have an influential imprint on social responsibility, and the development of a culture of appreciation the distinguished and praising his creativity.