50th Annual Meeting of EFA in Amsterdam

Albert J. Menkveld and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam are proud to organize the 50th Annual Meeting of the European Finance Association. The meeting will be held August 16-19 August, 2023. The EFA 2023 will host a panel of Nobel laureates to celebrate the 50th Annual Meeting. The panel will discuss the next 50 years of financial economics. Albert J. Menkveld is the EFA 2023 Program Chair at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The Local Organizing Team at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is Debby S. Tielman, Hedda Werkman, Sjahin Nouri. The EFA Conference Manager is Laura Malinverno. The next General Assembly of the Association will be held on Friday August 18, 2023 at Vrije Universteit Amsterdam, Netherlands.