All Hands on Deck for the World Expo 2030 Busan

Busan, a global city known for its excellent MICE infrastructure and abundant tourism resources, continues to double down on its efforts to win the right to host the World Expo 2030, scheduled to be held from May 1 to October 31, 2030. Leading Korean companies and citizens have joined Busan’s efforts to win the bid and demonstrate the city’s capabilities as an expo host. If Busan is selected as the venue for the World Expo 2030, the city will use the slogan “Transforming the world, navigating toward a better future” to promote achievements in science and technology and other industries, present a new vision for the future, and introduce the diverse attractions of Busan on the international stage.

Busan’s Bid to Host the World Expo 2030
The World Expo, an event accredited by the Bureau International des Expositions, serves as an arena for global dialogue promoting collaboration between nations and companies. Likened to an “Olympics of economy and culture,” the event celebrates humanity’s achievements in industry, education, science, and technology while showcasing the merits of the host country. World expos are categorized based on their theme and duration as a “Registered (Comprehensive) Exposition” or a “Recognized (Specialized) Exposition.” Korea has already hosted a Recognized Exposition, which must be held under a specific theme for up to three months, in Yeosu and Daejeon.

A Registered Exposition is a large-scale event that is held every five years and features exhibitions with a wide range of themes representing diverse fields, which in turn contribute to the advancement of humankind around the world. If Busan is selected as the host of the World Expo 2030, it will create an opportunity for people from all over the world to gather together in Busan, experience and spread K-contents through cultural exchanges, and showcase the potential of the Korean people.
Should Busan be selected as the host of the World Expo 2030, approximately 50.5 million visitors from more than 200 countries are expected to flock to the city, creating a large and enduring ripple effect that will surely change the future of Busan. In fact, many other cities have been reborn as global economic powerhouses following the successful hosting of a World Expo. For example, after hosting the World Expo 2020, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates became even more widely recognized than the nation’s capital, Abu Dhabi. Through the bidding process, and hopefully through the hosting of the expo, Busan will similarly be able to fortify its position as a global maritime city and secure immense economic growth.

Efforts Being Made for World Expo 2030
In recent years, Korea has been passionately working hard to win its bid as the host of the World Expo 2030. The Korean government designated the campaign to win the World Expo bid as a national project and has been providing active support for campaign activities at the government level. The global K-Pop group, BTS, was appointed as the official ambassador for World Expo 2030 Busan, and they held a concert last October in Busan as a part of their promotional activities. Fans from all corners of the world gathered in Busan, stirring up heated enthusiasm for the expo bid. Active efforts are being made not only in Korea but also abroad. LG is playing promotional videos supporting Busan’s bid to host the World Expo on billboards in New York Times Square and Piccadilly Square in the UK. During the London Royal Docks Festival, the Korea Tourism Organization set up a PR booth where they distributed brochures and devoted their focus to helping Busan win its bid as a host.

The Busan Tourism Organization has also been making every effort to support Busan’s campaign for expo host. During the International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly 2022 and other MICE events, the BTO placed posters to inform international attendees about the bid, drawing favorable responses. Additionally, the organization placed banners and placards around Taejongdae Resort Park and made decorative magnets using Busan’s mascot “Boogi,” which were given to MICE event participants and key decision makers, as part of the organization’s dedicated support of promoting Busan as the host of the World Expo 2030.

If Busan is selected as the host of World Expo 2030, the expo will be the first Registered Exposition to ever take place in Korea. Many Koreans nationwide are hopeful that Busan will be able to win the bid, bringing people from all over the world together in Korea’s top maritime city. As a result, many exchanges are expected to be made for the realization of a sustainable future that will go far beyond impacting Busan to positively influencing the whole of humanity.