Free inspiration for your conference on Industry 4.0 with VISITFLANDERS

VISITFLANDERS Convention Bureau, the official convention bureau of Flanders, publishes beautifully illustrated e-books packed with inspiration and insights on numerous conference topics.


The latest in the series is about Industry 4.0. Many exciting developments are taking place, as you will see in this e-book. In interesting interviews, experts share with you their insights about the sector. Among other things, you will learn:


·  what are the 4 trends for the future in Industry 4.0

·  what pieces of the puzzle companies have to put in place to be successful

·  what ethical issues arise in a factory without human workers

·  why Industry 4.0 is putting local economies back on the map

·  which questions Elon Musk asks himself, will be answered in Flanders 


The e-book contains 48 pages packed with interviews, insights, and inspiration for your next conference in Industry 4.0. A conference that Flanders warmly welcomes.

Download your free copy here