Blockchain financial platform for automatic distribution MobiDollar

On April 14, the UN ECOSOC FfD Forum side-Event, organized by ISEA Foundation, was held under the theme of "Blockchain financial platform for automatic distribution" from 8:30 to 9:30 local time. This forum is a forum for development resources conducted by UN organizations and governments.
Blockchain financial platform for automatic distribution MobiDollar
Regarding the implementation of Smart City policies due to the phase of transformation towards the digital society, discussions have occurred on proper development support for the poorest countries and underdeveloped areas and the construction of digital infrastructure.
Speakers discussed various ways to provide Benefits of Development for everyone in the blind spot of Human Rights, who cannot access essential information due to lack of digital access and cannot purchase necessary goods.
Through the UN ECOSOC FfD Forum, the foundation mentioned GBFC to enable blockchain finance MobiDollar to be used as development funds, reflecting policies that guarantee survival human rights at the initial design phase.
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