Vienna Meeting Fund 2021-2023 supports business meetings in the Austrian capital

Vienna is supporting organizers of congresses and corporate events through the Vienna Meeting Fund 2021-2023. Set up by the City of Vienna, the EUR 4 million fund is aimed at domestic and international organizers who are planning meetings to be held in Vienna until 31 December 2023. Applications are possible until three weeks before the starting date of the event. 

(Association) congresses and corporate events are of central importance for Vienna’s tourism industry. Besides their key role as an economic asset and a moving force for driving the internationalization of the city, they are a trigger for local value creation. The Vienna Meeting Fund 2021-2023 was set up as a source of additional funding for organizers looking to host congresses and corporate events under the current circumstance. Funding is provided for costs incurred when actually organizing meetings and is specifically not intended as a source of compensation for any financial losses sustained. 

Funding is allocated according to three modules: 

  • Funding Module 1: Event to take place in Vienna (basic requirement for funding)
    The basic requirement for applying for funding is that the event is hosted in Vienna, payment is made to the venue (hotel or event location), the event is attended by at least 50 on-site participants and it lasts a minimum of four hours. 
  • Funding Module 2: Event generates overnight stays
    In addition to the criteria for the first module, the event must also generate overnight stays for hotels in Vienna. To qualify for funding under the second module, the number of overnight stays generated by the event must be equivalent to 10% of the total number of on-site participants in 2021, 30% in 2022 and 50% in 2023. 
  • Funding Module 3: The event is hybrid
    If costs are demonstrably incurred for the continuous implementation of the event as a hybrid meeting, it qualifies for funding under the third module.
Module 1 is the basic requirement, applications for the additional modules are only possible if the criteria for Module 1 are fulfilled. The maximum support available per event – provided the criteria for all three funding modules are met – is EUR 60,000. 

More information about the Vienna Meeting Fund 2021-2023, the funding guideline and the portal to make applications can be found on the website of the Vienna Convention Bureau.