VAS 30YearsAnniversary- 18th European Angiology Days

VAS 30YearsAnniversary- 18th European Angiology Days 

Yearly European Academic Meetings

Updating Scientific Workshops and International Cooperative Projects.

SAVE THE DATE 26-28 November 2021- Live Streaming 18th EDITION

Join VAS and 18th EADays

VAS founded the European view of Angiology/Vascular medicine, making the difference.

European and International actions in Education and training, research, awareness and concrete proposals for prevention and health organization.

Take part in the 30 years Anniversary event and take an active role in the large European and International Collaboration, working to change the fate of vascular patients.

Contributes from several Academies, Societies/Organizations, Centres. Highest expertise in Joint Sessions and open debate on ongoing and future international projects.

Main 2021 topics

Challenges in AgeingBig Data and Covid19:
the role of Angiology/Vascular Medicine in a changing world

Preliminary program and abstracts: