Practical information for those planning an event in Finland

Finland Convention Bureau has collected practical information for those planning an event in Finland. The page includes information on general health and safety measures, arriving and moving around, safety protocols in venues, and coronavirus situation update.

When the time is right, and traveling is safe again, we can assure that traveling to Finland continues to be memorable, responsible and health safe. When our borders are open to travel, we can show all event planners that we have safe conditions for travel, face-to-face encounters and business events.

General health and safety measures regarding coronavirus in Finland include avoiding physical contact, maintaining a safe distance from other people and observing good hand and respiratory hygiene.

Finnish health authorities require using face masks in public transport in large cities and recommend using it in other situations where it is difficult to maintain 1-2 m distances from other people.

Finnish airports require using face masks. Airports and ports may test passengers for coronavirus. All travelers arriving in Finland from corona risk countries are tested for the coronavirus. 

Venues and hotels follow hygiene instructions rigorously: cleaning has been intensified (public areas, restrooms, door handles, table surfaces, meeting equipment etc.), the use of masks is mandatory or recommended, and hand sanitizer is always available. Adequate social distancing measures are considered in space planning and catering services. New ways of event organization include avoidance of accumulation of people and safe moving around in venues. The venues also communicate about safety effectively with floor stickers and digital signs. Contactless payment is widely in use.

Current coronavirus situation, like the number of reported cases in total, and the number of received vaccine doses and estimated number of future vaccine doses in Finland can be viewed on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare website. The page also includes information on regional restrictions and recommendations.

Read more on the health and safety measures and safety protocols on the Finland Convention Bureau website.