2020 Work Report and 2021 Work Plan of ISU

2020 Work Report

In the year of 2020, COVID-19 has spread all over the world, the international silk industry and consumer market were severely impacted, and the international silk industry exchanges were restricted. Under the special circumstances, International Silk Union(ISU) strives to innovate working methods and actively carry out related work, with the care and guidance of relevant government departments, and the strong support and active participation of member units of various countries. ISU has achieved certain work results and has been recognized by the international silk industry, which is enhancing the international influence of the union. Below is the main work of ISU in 2020.

1. Fight the Epidemic, Assist Member Units in Purchasing Anti-epidemic Materials.

COVID-19 continued to spread all over the world, and the main silk producers and consumers were affected to varying degrees. Since March 2020, International Silk Union (ISU) has learned about the status quo and difficulties faced by member units through questionnaires, emails, and telephones, and used the advantages of platform to assist member units in responding to the epidemic. Zhang Guoqiang, chairman of ISU, sent a greeting letters to Stefano Vitali, vice chairman of ISU and president of Italian Silk Office, Xavier Lepingle, vice chairman of ISU, president of INTERSOIE France, and general manager of Holding Textile Hermès, Renata Amano, vice chairman of ISU and president of Brazilian Silk Association, and presented silk masks and other epidemic prevention materials, hoping to overcome the epidemic together and everything is going well.

Facing various uncertainties in the international market, on March 15, Xavier Lepingle sought help from ISU to import a batch of disposable medical masks from China, hoping to help find reliable suppliers and ensure smooth customs clearance. After the multi-channel contact and docking, strict selection of supplier qualifications by ISU, chairman unit Cathaya Group help to find the suppliers and assist export. On April 10, Holdings Textile Hermès successfully received the mask, the import price was reasonable, the product qualifications were good, and the order was handed over seamlessly, ensuring the smooth recovery and production of the enterprise.


2. Closely Follow the Situation, Carry out the Survey of Impact of COVID-19 on International Silk Industry and Consumer Market Trends.

Since 2020, some of the ISU activities have been restricted, in order to study the future trends of international silk industry and consumer market, ISU carried out the survey of Impact of COVID-19 on International Silk Industry and Consumer Market Trends among the silk enterprises and related units in more than 10 silk producing and consuming countries including China, Italy, Japan, Brazil, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, etc. The questionnaire covers the basic information of the enterprise, and the impact of COVID-19 on the enterprise and international silk industry. Through the analysis and summary of the silk production / consumption data, response measures, and expert opinions of participating countries and regions, 41 pages of Chinese and English bilingual research report is formed, released on the World Silk Website, as well as submitted to relevant government departments and industry organizations. On May 19, Union of International Associations (UIA) official website published the ISU survey report, the report has been recognized and further spread on the international authoritative platform.


3. Achieve International Promotion, ISU is Included in the Yearbook of International Organizations of UIA.

In May 2020, after layers of approval and qualification recognition, ISU is included in the Yearbook of International Organizations of UIA, and was identified as a Type C organization (Intercontinental membership organizations), becoming the first silk international organization in the yearbook that the secretariat locates in China. UIA's paying attention and recognition to ISU, and regarding ISU as the formal international organization, will further strengthen the deeper and more diverse interaction between ISU and international organizations and platforms, promote the cooperation process of docking with international associations, social groups, government departments and multinational enterprises, enhance the information sharing in the silk industry. Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Municipal Government and its relevant departments spoke highly of the further improvement of ISU international influence, "The event has greatly enhanced the international influence of Hangzhou silk industry and the city, which should be fully affirmed," said Hu Wei, deputy mayor of Hangzhou Municipal Government.


4. Highlight Influence, Establish Contact with International Sericultural Commission and Strengthen Cooperation.

Since June 2020, with the growing international influence of ISU, International Sericultural Commission has sent letters to us in succession to step up exchanges and cooperation with ISU and sign a memorandum of cooperation, to reinforce exchanges and research on the life cycle assessment of sericulture and silk, as well as the green, eco-friendly and sustainable silk development, etc., elevate the image profile of silk and protect the interests of the silk industry, through partnership between two international organizations in the silk industry.


International Sericultural Commission (ISC) is an inter-state organization registered in the United Nations, whose mission is to encourage and promote the development of sericultural science and technology and boost the development of sericulture in the world. Founded in 1960, it has engaged 16 member states, including Japan, India, Italy, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, North Korea, Egypt, France, Greece, Indonesia, Iran, Madagascar, Romania, Syria, Thailand and Tunisia. The headquarters was originally located in Lyon, France and later moved to Bangalore, India, since 2013.

5. Expand Influence, Assist China National Silk Museum for 2020 Silk Road Week.

Silk Road Week 2020 was organized by National Cultural Heritage Administration, People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, undertook by Zhejiang Provincial Government Information Office, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau, executive organized by China National Silk Museum (NSM), and International Centre for Silk Road and Intercultural Communication, co-organized by ISU, International Association for the Study of Silk Road Textile, and Alliance of Silk Road Cultural Heritage Science and Technology. ISU assisted to formulate the Management Measures for Franchised Merchants / Products and Designated Souvenirs, docked with designated souvenirs, published the magazine with the cover of Silk Road Week, and released the Invitation to the Activity Franchised Merchants and International Silk Boutique Exhibition. On June 19, 2020, the opening ceremony of Silk Road Week 2020 home event was held at NSM. Zhang Guoqiang, chairman of ISU, and Li Qizheng, secretary-general of ISU, were invited to attend the opening ceremony.


6. Hold Exhibitions, Cooperate with NSM to Set up the International Silk Art Exhibition Hall.

In the first half of 2020, ISU and the vice-chairman unit NSM jointly set up the International Silk Art Exhibition Hall, aiming to promote communication in the field of silk culture in various countries and regions of the world. Through the display of silk road brand boutiques, the broad and profound silk culture is reflected. 

In June, the first exhibition, International Silk Boutique Exhibition---Silk Road Splendid  is organized by ISU secretariat and NSM. As one of the home exhibitions of Silk Road Week 2020, this International Silk Boutique Exhibition invited the companies (brands) from Laos, Cambodia and China, more than 50 exhibits with brand and geographical representation were exhibited. Cai Xiaochun, Deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, Zhang Guoqiang, Chairman of ISU, Chen Wenxing, Vice-chairman of ISU and Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, He Wenming, Deputy director of Nanchong Municipal Bureau of Commerce came to the visit. 


Deputy secretary-general Cai Xiaochun;  ChairmanZhang Guoqiang

In November, the second exhibition, Jingluntang Peach Blossom Spring Theme Exhibition is opened. Jingluntang is a high-end Chinese cultural silk brand co-founded by the chairman unit of ISU, Zhejiang Cathaya Group and the vice-chairman unit, NSM. It cultivates traditional Chinese culture and excavates interesting ideas, weaves silk cultural products with noble texture and elegant taste, using ingenious craftsmanship and the unique artistic perspective. 


7. Resumed Production, Investigate the Impact of COVID-19 on Various Silk Industrial Processing.

In the first half of 2020, ISU secretariat visited China Cocoon & Silk Exchange (raw silk exchange market), China Silk Town in Hangzhou (silk fabric wholesale market), Suhang Shouzhan (silk clothing wholesale market), some scenic spots and street merchants (silk tourism souvenir market), and some main silk enterprises with Zhejiang Silk Association, understood the specific impact of the COVID-19 on various industrial processing, and provided suggestions for the policy formulation of related departments and the resumption of production of silk enterprises.


China Cocoon & Silk Exchange;  Administrative Committee of Hangzhou China Silk Town

Jiaxin Silk;  Weiyun Qipao

8. Support Exhibitions, Organize Southeast Asian Members of ISU to Take Part in Silk in Suzhou 2020 Exhibition.

On July 31, 2020, the Silk in Suzhou 2020 exhibition was grandly opened in Suzhou International Expo Center. The World Silk Website was invited to Suzhou to cover it. The exhibition was sponsored by China Silk Association, Jiangsu Silk Association and Suzhou Silk Industry Association, organized by Suzhou Qianteng Silk Exhibition Co., Ltd. and supported by ISU, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism, Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, etc. ISU secretariat had organized member units (e.g. Laos and Cambodia) to take part in the exhibition and communicated with silk enterprises from Japan and other countries in depth. 


With the representative from Laos; With the representatives  from Ibaraki, Japan

9. Disseminate Technologies, Discuss the Characterization of the Quality Grade of Raw Silk and the Promotion of the Carbon Neutrality Application.

Since July 2020, at the proposal of INTERSOIE France, Italian Silk Office and Technical Innovation Professional Committee of ISU, based on the international standard concerning the electronic detection of raw silk, the electronic classification and characterization of the quality grade of raw silk had been examined in depth and related standards had been discussed. ISU secretariat offers relevant platforms and resources, organizes experts in Chinese and other international silk industries and peers in European industries to jointly promote relevant jobs. ISU secretariat supports and assists the Brazilian member Vale da Seda in making a “carbon neutrality” application platform SILKO2 PRO, which contains versions in different languages, including Chinese, Portuguese, English, Italian, French and German. Through dissemination and popularization by platforms of various member states of ISU, the concept of the sustainable, circular and economic development of silk has been promoted. 


Seminar on the classification and characterization of the quality grade of raw silk;   Interface of SILKO2 PRO

10. Build Platform, Create Silk City Lounge and International Silk Boutique Store.

On the evening of November 19, the Hangzhou Leisure and Shopping Festival in 2020 entitled New Consumption • Intoxicated Hangzhou & the Opening Ceremony of the Provincial High-quality Pedestrian Street was held in Hangzhou China Silk Town. Zhou Jiangyong, Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders jointly pressed the starting button. City Lounge · Hangzhou China Silk Town, the first silk city lounge in Hangzhou co-built by ISU secretariat, Hangzhou City Brand Promotion Association, Hangzhou Oriental Silk Culture and Brand Research Center and Hangzhou China Silk Town officially settled down here.


During the opening ceremony, a high-end silk boutique store co-hosted by ISU secretariat, the chairman unit Zhejiang Cathaya Group and the City Investment Group of Xiacheng District, was also opened ceremoniously, which features Cathaya’s high-end silk products and also displays multiple international silk brand products from Italy, Brazil, Cambodia, Laos, Bangladesh and other countries. Zhou Jiangyong, Secretary of Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee, and other leaders paid a visit on spot. 


11. Spread Culture, Co-host Spiritual Ethnic Costumes---the Highlights on the Ancient Silk Road in Southwest China.

On November 19, the Spiritual Ethnic Costumes---the Highlights on the Ancient Silk Road in Southwest China co-hosted by ISU secretariat and the vice-chairman unit Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, etc. was opened in Hangzhou China Silk Town. This exhibition was first held in the Silk Museum of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University in October 2020. The exhibition lasting half a month attracted researchers from all over the country on ethnic culture and traditional costumes. To enable more enthusiasts to learn about the minority costumes in Southwest China, Spiritual Ethnic Costumes---the Highlights on the Ancient Silk Road in Southwest China was once again held in Hangzhou China Silk Town.


12. International Strength, Attend the Video Conference of International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles in Conjunction with Many Countries.

On November 20, 2020, the Video Conference of International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles was successfully held. Representatives from the organizations and silk cities of eight countries, including Brazil, China, France, Georgia, Italy, Japan, Spain and Uzbekistan joined in the conference. The conference was sponsored by Lyon Metropole, Lyon Municipal Government and INTERSOIE France and co-hosted by many units, including ISU, vice-chairman units Italian Silk Office and Brazilian Silk Association. ISU Chairman, Zhang Guoqiang, was invited to address the conference. During the preparation of the conference, the secretariat used dual-platform equipment to overcome technical difficulties of international video conferences, and provide conferees from Hangzhou and Nanchong, China with stable and high-quality two-way simultaneous interpretation.


13. Promotion platform, Establish the Media Matrix of World Silk Website.

In 2020, World Silk Website, as the official website of ISU, practices the operating philosophy of Communication & Cooperation, Development with Concerted Efforts, strengthens and improves the construction of local reporter stations, newly established the World Silk Website - Nanchong Reporter Station, Impact of COVID-19 on International Silk Industry and Consumer Market Trends, Silk Road Week, Universal Beauty---Hangzhou Silk and the World, 2020 Hangzhou Beautiful Life Industry Review and Reform Spread, and other columns. At the same time, making full use of self-media channels, on the basis of the original official website and public account, added the Toutiao, Sohu, Baijia, and Penguin. Through the authorization of synchronous public account, the content is updated synchronously, and the media matrix of World Silk Website is initially established, realizes the multichannel promotion, attracts more users and visits, and expands the audience.


World Silk Website Nanchong Reporter Station;  World Silk Website Media matrix

In the whole year of 2020, world silk website totally published nearly 360 articles, including 300 Chinese and 60 English. The visits to the website are about 40,000, in which Chinese version attracts 30,000 and English website 10,000. We-chat public account published 200 articles, the whole reading amount is more than 200,000, subscribers are more than 8,000. The cumulative reading volume of other self-media is about 650,000 times.

14. Daily Work of ISU Secretariat

In 2020, ISU secretariat handled a total of 300 emails, including 250 English and 50 Chinese, mainly to send Chinese industrial development situation and trade data to foreign member units, exchange information and condolences with member units during the epidemic, assist foreign member units to docking anti-epidemic materials, issue research notices and recall questionnaires, contact exhibitors of the International Silk Boutique Exhibition, match with France about the meeting of International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles, maintain communication with member units of various countries, and self construct of ISU secretariat, etc. At the same time, ISU secretariat designed and produced a Chinese and English version of the ISU brochure, which comprehensively introduced the development of ISU since its establishment through intuitive graphics to facilitate readers. Also, the ISU image promo will also be completed soon. 


ISU brochure;  ISU image promo

2021 Work Plan

1. Launch 2021 International Think Tank Forum on Silk Sustainable Development and ISU Chairman Meeting.

In order to discuss the path and key technologies to realize Carbon Neutrality in the international silk industry, deliver a scientific solution to propel the Carbon Neutrality of international silk industry, and maintain the international image and interests of the silk industry, ISU plans to launch the International Think Tank Forum on Silk Sustainable Development in 2021 with International Sericultural Commission (ISC), invite leading experts from silk trades in China, Italy, France, Brazil and India, etc. to deliver keynote speeches and publish an initiative for global green silk consumption. At the same time, ISU Chairman Meeting will be also held. Major members of ISU will be invited, to exchange about the work of ISU and talk over the future development plan of ISU. Depending on the prevention and control of epidemic, the meeting will combine online and offline methods.

2. Organize the Main ISU Members to Participate in the the Annual Meeting of International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles.

On the premise that the epidemic is under control and the policy permits, in May or June 2021, ISU plans to attend the rotating meeting of International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles in Uzbekistan, and organize the main ISU member units to pay a visit to the silk industry in Uzbekistan. In November 2021, ISU plans to attend the Silk in Lyon 2021 and the regular meeting of International Network of Silk Cities and Metropoles, organize the main ISU member units to pay a visit to the silk industry in Europe. Depending on the prevention and control of epidemic, online video conference is also considered.

3. To Continue with the Academic Discussion and Standard Setting Work on the Characterization of the Quality Grade of Raw Silk.

At the proposal of the vice-chairman units Italian Silk Office, INTERSOIE France and Technical Innovation Professional Committee of ISU, the ISU secretariat will set up an exchange platform and work in tandem with technical experts from silk industries in China, Italy, France and other countries, to continue with research on the classification and characterization of the quality grade of raw silk and discussion on related standards.

4. Support the Exchange Activities in the International Silk Industry.

On the premise that the epidemic is under control and the policy permits, ISU will continue to maintain exchanges and interactions with member units from various countries, take an active part and support exchange activities in silk industries of member states, such as Silk Road Week 2021, Western China International Silk Expo 2021, Silk in Lyon 2021 and Vietnam-International Silk & Brocade Culture Festival 2021, etc.

5. Optimize the Working Mechanism of ISU, Develop and Replace ISU  member units.

Give full play to the complementary advantages of resources among the members, improve the international service level of ISU, and promote the sustainable development of the union work. Under the structure of constitution of ISU, optimize the operation mechanism, and improve the management methods of members. Continue to absorb member units from silk producing countries and consumer countries in terms of embodying internationalization, cross-industry, scientific research and innovation, and whole textiles. Member units that do not participate in the union activities for a long time and do not support the development of union will be demoted and replaced.

6. To Strengthen the Construction of ISU Secretariat and Upgrade the Influence of Media Matrix of ISU.

To give full play to role of ISU organization and structure, ISU plans to hold Chairmen Working Meeting of ISU Secretariat regularly and invite the chairman, vice-chairmen, secretary-general and deputy secretary-generals to attend the meeting. Enhance the international influence of ISU journal -- Journal of Silk, reinforce the construction and development of the convergence media matrix of ISU official promotion platform -- World Silk Website, enhancing the international influence of ISU and ISU member units.

7. Play the Role of Bridge, Strengthen the Communication and Interaction with International Silk Textile Industry Organizations, and Government Departments.

Strengthen exchanges and interactions with international silk textile industry organizations such as the International Textile Manufactures Federation (ITMF), International Sericultural Commission (ISC), INTERSOIE France, Italian Silk Office, Brazilian Silk Association and Japan Silk Business Council, strengthen exchanges and communication with government departments at all levels of silk producing and consumer countries, and give full play to the role of a bridge, strengthen international exchanges, and expand the influence of ISU.

8. Visit and Promote ISU Members, and Serve the Industry Development.

ISU secretariat will actively understand the development trends and needs of the members, visit and research key silk regions and enterprises at home and abroad, promote and recommend ISU members, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the international silk industry.