Eco-friendly City of Busan Builds 'Sustainability'

Eco-friendly City of Busan Builds 'Sustainability'  

Where should we start with the sustainability of the MICE industry? Beyond delivering the economic benefits of the MICE events, it is important to consider ways to bring a bright future to the next generations as well as to benefit contemporaries. Indeed, with the people interconnected and interdependent on the 'global community,' it is incumbent on all of us in the MICE industry to operate sustainable events. In this regard, Busan is running a sustainable MICE campaign whose slogan is 'GREEN MICE GREEN BUSAN.' The objectives of its campaign are to promote and create a sustainable MICE environment, applying green ideas to all the processes from event planning to the final stage.

'Think Together!' Green MICE starts with ideas from the MICE industry

The Busan Tourism Organization selected four teams in the green MICE campaign idea contest where the members of Busan MICE Alliance participated. Novel ideas that the MICE industry can implement blossomed during the contest. Busan Cinema Center, one of Busan's unique venues, proposed an environmental campaign of x-x-alerting the real-time concentrations of ultrafine dust particles employing large roofs. Manmanhan_Nyeoseokdeul, an event rental service company, suggested an eco campaign of promoting to use of a daily tumbler and using recycling product contest with citizens. The contest brought the local MICE Alliance members an opportunity that they found various sustainable ideas from different sectors feasible.

'Let's watch a movie together!' Green movie theater showing eco-friendly movies

'Green Cinema' is operated collaborating with Korea Green Foundation. Green Cinema screens 'Blue' and 'The forum.' The Forum is a German-Swiss documentary film from 2019 about the World Economic Forum in Davos. The World Economic Forum (WEF), where leading figures from international politics, business, and academia gather, is referred to as Davos since the forum hosts an annual meeting at the end of January in Davos. The documentary follows the 81-year-old founder and economist Klaus Schwab on his mission to improve the world through dialogue. The movie 'Blue,' featuring passionate advocates for ocean preservation, guides us to those who are defending marine habitats, combating marine pollution, and fighting for the protection of marine species. A MICE City of Busan, which is spotlighted for marine tourism, expects to raise awareness of the eco-friendly environment by calling people's attention to the seriousness of marine pollution through such movies. Green Cinema is likely to open the way for sharing and reflecting on the importance of 'sustainability' with citizens and the MICE industry together.

‘Keep Us Warm Together!’ Green mufflers production with local industries


Floating plastic debris, the most abundant items of marine litter, is threatening marine habitats and species with increasing plastic wastes and its non-biodegradable attribute. However, what if we can make a muffler from this plastic? The campaign 'GREEN MICE GREEN BUSAN' manufactures 'the green mufflers' as souvenirs. Wave Union, a fashion brand located in Busan, in charge of muffler production, is carrying out its campaign of which the slogan is 'Make your own waves' to promote sustainable fashion and protect the marine environment. The muffler the company produces is made out of 100% recycled polyester obtained from discarded plastic bottles. The production process of using recycled materials can reduce the amount of waste and energy consumption, cut off carbon dioxide emissions. Why don't we all wear green mufflers to change the planet's future toward positive at the end of this year?

‘Join Together!’ Online Events & Campaigns with Citizens and the MICE industry

Online events to raise awareness of the eco-friendly environment for the MICE industry and citizens are also scheduled to be held. The event 'Vote for your favorite idea' promotes the activities of companies participating in the eco-friendly campaign idea contest. Moreover, another online campaign is planned that encourages the MICE businesses to pledge their sustainable efforts in their event planning and citizens their contribution to sustainability. In addition to promoting it in the domestic sphere, the sustainable MICE campaign of Busan will be backed with international magazines, online media, and SNS channels to draw active participants in the campaign. Online events and public relations are meaningful to realizing sustainable MICE in Busan.

The purpose of the sustainable MICE campaign at the city level is straightforward. 'Sustainability' is reduced to a positive 'future' to be built based on everyone's participation and effort. Therefore, Busan will be reborn as an eco-friendly MICE City with a broad and future-oriented perspective. We ask for global MICE organizers and those involved to join the path with Busan.