Sustainability news & success stories from Finland

Finland is seen as a sustainable and reliable destination, where everything is sure to work without a hitch - for conference organizers and expats alike. 

Finland ranks #1 in the Sustainable Expat Living Report
Expats looking for a new sustainable home base should look to the Nordic countries, according to the latest Expat Insider survey from InterNations. Finland, Sweden, Norway fill the top three places in the environment & sustainability ranking, with Denmark placing 6th. The environment & sustainability ranking looked at three measures: quality of environment, policies & people, and products & utilities. Finland, Sweden and Norway all placed in the top five of each subcategory.
In both Finland and Norway, 89% of expats surveyed think that the government supports policies to protect the environment. That compares with a global average of just 55%.
In Finland, 90% were happy with the local waste management and recycling efforts, much higher than the global average of 60%. The country is a global leader in recycling bottles and paper, while a nationwide deposit scheme leads to a return rate for almost 100% for refillable glass bottles.
In addition to taking the overall title, Finland also ranked first in the quality of environment subcategory. Almost all respondents spoke positively of Finland’s water, sanitation and air quality. One South Korean expat living in Finland specifically mentions “nature, clean water, and air” as what she likes most about life in Finland.

Helsinki University among the best in the world
The University of Helsinki places in the 50–100 range in nearly all of the most important university rankings. Only a few Nordic universities have reached the top 100. The University of Helsinki is usually among the top four with the Karolinska Institutet, the University of Copenhagen and the Aarhus University.
Helsinki University also ranks in top 50 globally in 6 fields by U.S. News:
26 Endocrinology & Metabolism
33 Arts & Humanities
38 Environment/Ecology
38 Plant & Animal Science
44 Molecular Biology & Genetics
47 Biotechnology & Applied Microbiology

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