Podcast series - 'Resolve conflict: Everyone can win'

Conflict Resolution Network is rolling out a podcast series, Resolve conflict: Everyone can win on their 12 skills of conflict resolution. 

Inspired by the book Everyone Can Win by Helena Cornelius and Shoshana Faire, this series personalises the content and makes it easily accessible to a wide audience. It's entertaining and informative, free and available on people's favourite podcast app, where you can subscribe. Some people do their study by starting with skill number 1, and the Network does suggest this. But others dive into particular topics that seem currently relevant to them - and that's fine too. 

There are also transcripts and extra study notes available for those who wish to explore the skills more deeply. These can be accessed on their website at www.crnhq.org/podcasts. There is also a free trainers manual and a low cost online certificate course available from their website.

Conflict Resolution Network is a civil society organisation whose goal is to develop, teach and implement better skills for resolving conflict. Their motivation behind  this series is to contribute towards building a more peaceful world, where each person is empowered to better  handle the huge challenges currently facing us as individuals, communities and as nations. While these skills are very specific, they transfer readily to all walks of life. They are presented by psychologist, Helena Cornelius, director of Conflict Resolution Network, with over 30 years experience in the field.