Regional Congress on Membrane Technology and Regional Conference on Environmental Engineering 2020 (RCOM2020-RCEnvE2020)

The jointly Regional Congress on Membrane Technology 2020 (RCOM2020) and Regional Conference on Environmental Engineering (RCEnvE2020) is a regional conference that is organized by the Advanced Membrane Technology Research Centre (AMTEC), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. RCOM2020&RCEnvE2020 is a premier forum for the knowledge and technology sharing of new and advances research results in the field of membrane and environment. The conference will bring together networking from professionals and researchers worldwide in the particular disciplines to discuss the current environmental issues in ASEAN and worldwide and the valuable information of the latest research activities and findings for potentially become the promising solutions. This aspiration has led to the development of the meaningful theme of the RCOM2020-RCEnvE2020 conference, "Enhancing Translational Research Towards Sustainable Environmental Technology". This conference aims to gather professionals from government and private universities and research institutes and private sectors to share and discuss the knowledge and technology that both entities could provide, and ultimately translates them into a beneficial networking towards providing a sustainable environment preservation solutions. This conference will be held in Kuala Lumpur on the 26th-27th of August 2020. The major sponsor for this conference comes from the AUNSEED-Net which is also the co-organizer of this conference. Other parties that involved as the co-organizers/sponsors are MyMembrane Society and Frontier Materials Research Alliance of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. More information of the conference can be found at