On Friday, 28 February 2020, International Esports Federation (IESF) had the privilege to be invited to lunch by His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan, Minister of Tolerance. His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan is renown for having promoted tolerance, not only in UAE, but throughout the world. His achievements have had long-lasting effects and will no doubt be eveen further built on in thee future.
Few realise that it is due to His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Bin Mubarak Al Nahayan's efforts that esorts was accredited in UAE. Thus, at such lunch, Colin Webster (IESF President) congratulated His Excellency on the leadership he has provided promoting tolerance throughout the world.
IESF is of the firm opinion that esports provides a perfect vehicle to spread the message of tolerance and greater understanding. Due to the unique nature of esports, esports can cross borders, race, and gender to create a more harmonious world in which their is greater tolerance for all.
Thus IESF shall further promote the need for tolerance throughout the gaming sector.
IESF has requested to engage in further dialogue and discuss further collaborative opportunities.